January 8 - January 15, 2017

Is more screen time ok? I was challenged by Mimi Ito's article (in the tech section), which made a case for removing limits on screen time and instead focusing on quality of time, not quantity. An important read.

This week's feature articles are also provocative and/or timely, and the final article this week, about predicted high school demographic trends, is both exciting and sobering.



The History Of Math Is The Soul Of Math
Hackernoon, 1/8/17
"Historical context gives mathematics (and mathematicians, dare I say) a rich personality that is all too often lost in formal study.  It reveals the human side of mathematics; the pain and ecstasy of pursuing new mathematical frontiers. It normalises struggle and perseverance as traits of the common mathematician.  It snips away the binary view that many students take towards maths and replaces it with a world replete with discovery and surprise."

"Liberal Arts And The Ends Of Education"
NAIS, 1/1/17
"This utilitarian narrowness plagues the American pedagogical conversation, and our persistent promotion of so-called 21st century skills has made the problem worse... Instead of interrogating the assumption that the demands of the marketplace should drive educational practice, we have rushed to impose new economic models -- global, 21st century ones -- on our classrooms. Many educational progressives make the same mistake that the scientist, engineer, and economist made in the joke: They are so busy solving a problem, so captivated by data and method, that they have failed to pose any of the fundamental questions that might lead to self-knowledge."

MLK: 6 Pillars Of Nonviolent Resistance, And The Greek Sense Of "Agape"
Brain Pickings, 7/1/15
"Nonviolence... does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding.  The nonviolent resister must often express his protest through noncooperation or boycotts, but he realizes that these are not ends themselves; they are merely means to awaken a sense of moral shame in the opponent. The end is redemption and reconciliation."


The Concussion Diaries: Journal Of A HS Football Player With CTE
GQ, 1/9/17


Some Tips For Teaching The Growth Mindset
Guardian, 1/9/17


John Medina: Afternoon Naps Are Natural, And Really Good For You
Thrive Global, 1/2/17

The Memory Palace: An Ancient Way To Memorize Anything
New York Times, 3/24/16

Where Willpower Happens In The Brain
New York Magazine, 1/6/17


Urban Education Programs And Learning To Discuss Race Issues
Atlantic, 1/19/17


4 Universities In Georgia Merge To Save Money And Share Resources
Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/11/17


Jane Austen At 200
Guardian, 1/14/17


An Amazonian Language Challenges Chomsky's Universal Grammar
Aeon, 1/10/17


A History Of The Pedagogy Of Play, And Its Role In Science
Aeon, 1/9/17


Can We Get Rid Of The Phrase "Creative Writing"?
Inside Higher Ed, 1/3/17


In Defense Of More Screen Time (But Not The Phrase "Screen Time")
Connected Camps, 1/11/17

Cupertino School District (Home Of Apple) In Discord Over iPads
Mercury News, 12/13/16

"Harvard/MIT Report Analyzes 4 Years Of MOOC Data"
Campus Technology, 1/12/17

3 Questions To Help Teach Digital Citizenship
NAIS, 1/9/17


The Return Of Open Space Architecture From The 60's
Larry Cuban, 1/10/17

"How To Tell Your Boss You Have Too Much Work"
Harvard Business Review, 1/13/17


High School Demographic Trends For The Next 15 Years
Bryan Alexander, 1/9/17