February 19 - February 26, 2017

Lots of great stuff this week!

The article on higher ed student progress offers interesting insight into a rubric-based look at college and university students across a wide range of schools.  Perhaps most useful, though, is if you follow the trail of links to find the 16 rubrics the AACU used to gauge student success in critical thinking, written communication, and other skills.

The report on negativity bias is also important.  We have a bias towards diagnosing the decline of things around us, instead of seeing progress and/or opportunity.  This validates a hunch I've had for some time, that it's easier to find faults than see opportunities.  It doesn't mean faults aren't there; only that we ought to also acknowledge more.

Enjoy these, and much more!


15 Classroom Discussion Strategies
Cult of Pedagogy, 10/15/15
"I've separated the strategies into three groups.  The first batch contains the higher-prep strategies, formats that require teachers to do some planning or gathering of materials ahead of time.  Next come the low-prep strategies, which can be used on the fly when you have a few extra minutes or just want your students to get more active... The last group is the ongoing strategies.  These are smaller techniques that can be integrated with other instructional strategies and don't really stand alone.  For each strategy, you'll find a list of other names it sometimes goes by, a description of its basic structure, and an explanation of variations that exist, if any."

"The Martian" - Andy Weir Releases School Version With No Swears
New York Times, 2/24/17
"Apart from the four-letter words, "The Martian" is a science teacher's dream text.  It's a gripping survival story that hinges on the hero's ability to solve a series of complex problems, using his knowledge of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and math, in order to stay alive on a hostile planet. (The Washington Post called the novel "an advertisement for the importance of STEM education.")"

Look, We All Really Need To Sleep More
Time, 2/16/17
"Sleep deprivation is so strongly linked to disease and premature death.  One recent study even showed that sleep deprivation in mice can cause death faster than starvation can."


Avoid Generosity Burnout: A Field Guide For Givers
Harvard Business Review, 1/1/17

On Teaching Empathy, And Its Difference From Sympathy
KQED, 2/8/17


The Illusion Of Reason: Human Irrationality And Why Fake News Works
New Yorker, 2/27/17

Reminder: The Left Brain Right Brain Distinction Is Bunk
Pacific Standard, 2/23/17

Retrieval Practice (i.e. Quizzing) Aids Learning
Digital Promise, 1/11/17

Negativity Bias: We Believe Decay Faster Than We Believe Progress
Pacific Standard, 2/21/17

The Printing Press Changed How We Use Our Memory
Farnam Street, 2/15/17


Visualizing Patterns Of Innovation At Apple And Google
Fast Company, 2/24/17

Americans And Chinese Have Different Interpretations Of What Is Creative
Harvard Business Review, 2/23/17

Some Creativity Is Better When It's Collaborative
Fast Company, 2/18/17


Results From College Board's Computer Science Principles Course
EdSurge, 2/21/17

"The High School Of The Future (In 1917)"
JStor, 2/14/17


A Documentary On James Baldwin To Make You Rethink Race
New York Times, 2/2/17

An Abbreviated History Of Race In America, A Book Per Decade
New York Times, 2/22/17


What Are Students Learning? AACU Compares 92 College/Universities
Inside Higher Ed, 2/23/17 [report]


Lost Novel By Walt Whitman Discovered By Grad Student
NPR, 2/21/17


Oxford Dictionaries Add "Clicktivism" "Otherize" And More
Guardian, 2/24/17


What Makes A Good Boss? Vision, Mentorship, And Career Support
Stanford Graduate School of Business, 10/6/16

Comparing Improvement And Innovation In Schools
Getting Smart, 2/9/17


Tips For Planning A Makerspace
THE Journal, 2/23/17


Micro-Credentials: PD Badges For Teachers?
KQED, 2/15/17


Selfies As Sources Of In-Class Writing Prompts
New York Times, 2/21/17

Mall of America Set To Have... A Writer In Residence?
Slate, 2/21/17

Great Writing Instruction Means Focusing On The Basics
KQED, 2/20/17

On Reading To "Own" A Book
Medium, 2/15/17


Why Is The Speed Of Light The Speed Of Light?
Aeon, 9/18/15

Metric Geometry And Gerrymandering: Using Math To Solve For Politics
Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/22/17


Online Learning App Surveys 2.5 Million Users On Online Preferences
eCampus News, 2/23/17 [report]

The Future Is Now. We Can Now Type With Our Minds
Stanford, 2/21/17

How Writing Wikipedia Articles Can Promote Student Media Literacy
KQED, 2/22/17

Are Video Games Poised To Become A Big Ten Competition?
NPR, 2/23/17


What Benefits Do Employees Find Most Desirable?
Harvard Business Review, 2/15/17


5 Exercises To Help Clarify Your Values And What Makes A Good Life
New York Times, 7/31/15

UK Consulting Firms Remove Degrees As Hiring Qualifications
Huffington Post, 1/18/16

Disabled People Have The Right To Sue Schools Over ADA Violations
Pacific Standard, 2/24/17

Explorers Find Cave With Giant Crystals Like Superman's Hideout
National Geographic, 2/17/17

A Decision Journal: A Tool For Making Better Decisions?
Farnam Street, 2/20/14