February 5 - February 12, 2017

The feature article on the role of algorithms in our present and possible futures offers a nuanced look at the promise and peril of a machine-driven world.  Created by interviewing hundreds of experts, this article is broad in scope while also being precise in its details.

Also, the Reading/Writing article today is a great find for those who love word etymology.  (I do!)

Lastly, who knew that Google has a Design Ethicist?  A great read on the way technology invites--and even demands--our attention.



Constraints Are A Major Stimulator Of Creativity
Fast Company, 2/7/17
"Creativity is in many ways situational, not some inborn faculty or personality trait.  When people face scarcity, they give themselves freedom to use resources in less conventional ways--because they have to.  The situation demands a mental license that would otherwise remain untapped.  Seen in this light, resource abundance can actually be counterproductive.  Our problems, challenges, and opportunities may become more manageable with constraints that direct us to make the best out of what we have.  Without constraints, the research suggests, we tend instead to simply retrieve exemplary use cases from memory."

The Age Of Algorithms: A Clarifying Look At The Pros And Cons
Pew Internet, 2/8/17
"To illuminate current attitudes about the potential impacts of algorithms in the next decade, Pew Research Center and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center conducted a large-scale canvassing of technology experts, scholars, corporate practitioners and government leaders.  Some 1,302 responded to this question about what will happen in the next decade: Will the net overall effect of algorithms be positive for individuals and society or negative for individuals and society?"


Some Scheduling Tips For Creative Productivity
Inc., 2/8/17


Teens Who Vandalized Black Schoolhouse Ordered To Read Books
New York Times, 2/8/17

Here's A Team That Trains Teachers To Combat Unconscious Bias
Bright, 1/13/17

W. E. B. Du Bois' Hand Drawn Infographics Of African-American Life
Public Domain Review, 11/1/17


Camus & Sartre: A 3 Minute Movie On Why Their Friendship Fell Apart
Aeon, 1/31/17

Sometimes Fictional Literary Places Become Real Street Addresses
Guardian, 2/7/17

What 12,000 Students Think About Free Speech
New York Times, 2/7/17

Teaching 1984: NYT Offers Tips, Essential Questions
New York Times, 2/9/17


Teach Word Roots (Etymology) Can Aid Comprehension
ASCD, 2/1/17


There Is An Industry Called Biodesign
Fast Company, 2/3/17

Middle School Kids Make Awesome Video About Salamanders
Science with Tom, 6/4/13

Code From Apollo Moon Mission Published On GitHub
Quartz, 7/9/16

"Are You College Ready?": A Sample From The Math Placement Test
New York Times, 2/3/17


Google Design-Ethicist: 10 Ways Tech Hijacks Your Attention
Medium, 5/18/16


MIT's 10 Recommendations For The Future Of Their Libraries
MIT, 10/24/16

A Scholarly Look At Swear Words?
New York Review of Books, 2/9/17

High Contrast Recreations Of Urban Street Maps
Geoff Boeing, 1/2/17

A Google Maps Tour Of The World
Ideando, 2/8/17

NC English Teacher Has Incredible Handshake Routine With Students
WBUR, 2/2/17