February 26 - March 5, 2017

You've likely read or heard a lot about deliberate practice in recent years. This week's feature article explores it in depth.

The list of 401 writing prompts by the New York Times includes links to deeper descriptions of each prompt.  These are helpful for stimulating ideas for how to engage contemporary issues.

These and many others.... enjoy!


Deliberate Practice: Anders Ericsson, Critics, Champions, and Examples
Quartz, 3/2/17
"Deliberate practice involves the pursuit of personal improvement via well-defined, specific goals and targeted areas of expertise.  It requires a teacher or coach who has demonstrated an ability to help others improve the desired areas of expertise--say chess, ballet, or music--and who can give continuous feedback.  It also requires constantly practicing outside of one's comfort zone."

Micro-Masters Program Grow To 16 Universities On EdX
EdX, 2/28/17
"With MicroMasters programs, we are helping to bridge the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace by offering content and credentials in the most in-demand fields and skills needed for success in today's rapidly-evolving and tech-driven world.  These credit-eligible, career-relevant programs are free to try, and can help advance careers and offer a pathway to an accelerated Master's program.  Top employers, including industry-leading companies like IBM, PWC, Hootsuite, Bloomberg, Fidelity and more, recognize MicroMasters programs for real-time, real-world relevancy."

An Elementary School No Homework Policy
Washington Post, 2/26/17
"Student Daily Home Assignment: 1. Read just-right books every night -- (and have your parents read to you too). 2. Get outside and play -- that does not mean more screen time.  3. Eat dinner with your family -- and help out with setting and cleaning up. 4. Get a good night's sleep."


Imagine A Transcript That Showed Content, Skills, And Character
Mastery Transcript Consortium, 2/28/17


Is Behaviorism Crowding Out Real Neuroscience?
Atlantic, 2/27/17


Beethoven's Creative Lifestyle: Daily Schedule, Etc
Brain Pickings, 3/2/17

David Byrne On What Makes A  Creative School
David Byrne, 2/9/17

Artistic Advice From Thelonious Monk's Journals
Kottke, 2/13/17


Transgender Boy Wins Texas State Girl's Wrestling Title
Washington Post, 2/25/17

LEGO Celebrates Influential Women Of NASA
Quartz, 3/1/17


How Statistical Analysis Is Playing A Role In Literary Analysis
Economist, 3/1/17

401 Open-Ended Writing Prompts On 20 Contemporary Topics
New York Times, 3/1/17


7 Decisions To Enact A Digital (Or Any Other) Transformation
McKinsey, 2/1/17


Gamifying The Classics Classroom: An Academic Look At A New Pedagogy
Cambridge Core, 10/1/16


Feeling Unsuccessful Can Be A Sign You Are An Ongoing Learner
Inc., 3/2/17


Many People Hear Voices Of Characters They Read... After Finishing
New York Magazine, 3/1/17

Grammar-Philes And Copy Editors Are Becoming Internet Celebrities
Columbia Journalism Review, 2/27/17


Teacher 3D Prints Prosthetic Arm For 1-Year-Old Son, Starts Business
Daily Post, 3/1/17

Better Math Instruction By Minimizing Cognitive Load
Quartz, 2/15/17


A Balance Board For Standing Desks
Design Milk, 3/3/17


Is It Time To Rethink School Schedules?
EdWeek, 2/27/17

7 (Mostly New) Jobs That Capture Being Alive In 2017
Time, 1/25/17

Time Magazine's 100 Best Children's Books
Time, 1/8/15

High School Invested $15K In Snapchat in 2013, Now It's Worth...
NPR, 3/3/17