March 19 - March 26, 2017

Two themes stuck out to me this week:

ASCD Educational Leadership ran an issue on personalized learning this month, which has sparked a flurry of writing about the topic, including some folks asking "What is personalized learning anyway?"  Many people have sounded off on how different groups refer to different practices as being examples of personalized learning.  See the pedagogy section for more.

Also, in a time of populist uprising, crowdsourcing, and the spirit of democracy, the two back-to-back leadership articles with short titles speak up, instead, in defense of authority.  There's a role for experts and for unilateral decision-makers.  How do we reconcile this with flattening organizational structures?  (And aren't these articles also, indirectly, about the authority of teachers in an age of personalized learning?)

These and more.  Lots to chew on this week.  Enjoy!


A Case For Intrinsic Motivation At The Heart Of Any Pedagogy ASCD
"If we're realistic, we'll know that even when a particular instructional method has been studied under controlled conditions, found to be effective, and labeled 'best practice,' none of that matters if students won't do the work.  Teachers in the real world recognize that although personalization has the potential to improve learning, our first job in applying any approach is to engage students in the learning process.  And engagement is not about baiting a hook. It's about helping students find their spark and make their own fire."

Use Lego Kits To Create Research Lab Equipment Stanford
"Stanford engineers have shown how an off-the-shelf kit can be modified to create robotic systems capable of transferring precise amounts of fluids between flasks, test tubes, and experimental dishes. By combining Lego Mindstorms robotics kit with a cheap and easy-to-find plastic syringe, the researchers created a set of liquid-handling robots that approach the performance of the far more costly automation systems found at universities and biotech labs."


High Intensity Interval Training Seems To Reverse Muscle Decline NYTimes


Five Principles Of Deliberate Practice Deans for Impact [report]

Quiz Yourself On Some Learning Myths NPR


Stories Of Kids Finding Their Ways To College.  And Not.  New York Times


Google Creates Branch Of Howard Univ. On The Google Campus SF Chronicle

Online Courses As Feminist, Social Justice Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Continued Racial Disparities In Suspensions Brookings

25 Videos Of Interviews For Exploring Race And Identity With Students NYTimes

How Unconscious Bias Affects Teachers, And What To Do About It Brookings


Debriefing The Oxford Comma Flap Columbia Journalism Review

Interactive Macbeth Show "Sleep No More" Shaping VR Design Fast Company

"Why Milton Still Matters" - A Call For More Paradise Lost Spectator

On The Importance Of Reading The World, Not Just Ourselves New Republic

A Statistical Analysis Of Great And Popular Writers' Writing Smithsonian


"A Journey Into The Merriam-Webster Word Factory" New York Times


Questions To Ask Before Embracing Personalized Learning ASCD

In Defense Of Hierarchy Aeon

"The Death Of Expertise" Federalist


Edcamps: PD Gatherings With No Preset Agendas US News & World Reports


What Is Personalized Learning Anyway?  Here's A Spectrum  Larry Cuban

Sometimes "Personalized Learning" Isn't What It Sounds Like Dan Meyer

To Foster More Student Passion, Extend Student Ideation Time ASCD

On Incorporating Movement Into The Elementary Classroom New York Times

Metacognition: Helping Students Understand The Act Of Learning KQED

How To Meaningfully Gamify Your Teaching  Gameful Pedagogy

Explaining: A Tool For Measuring Understanding Hapgood


Forget Coding: Designers Should Learn To Write Fast Company


Aristotle And The Classical Origins Of Computers  Atlantic


Jamiya Project: Providing Online Courses To Refugees NewsDeeply


Boston Public Schools Abandons Mercator Projection For... NPR

International Cloud Atlas Names 11 New Types Of Clouds National Geographic

Cultivate Silence--Busy Lives Leave Little Room For Reflection Harvard Bus. Rev.