March 5 - March 12, 2017

In the character section, the video entitled "10 Meter Jump" invites people who have never leapt from a 10 meter diving platform to try, and it records them doing so.  The result is a record of people--of all kinds--facing fear.  A fascinating lesson that has interesting analogical applications.

Also, I placed an asterisk (*) after the second to last article because, remarkably, it appears to plagiarize some of the article above it, quoting some parts of it and other times using a few sentences directly, without citing.  I try to circulate articles of good quality (though that manifests in different ways), but wanted to acknowledge this observation.  Still, the article has some helpful suggestions.

Lastly, George Saunders reflection on writing offers wonderful insight into the writing process, and creativity more broadly.



Dr. Chris Emdin Electrifies SXSWedu: Culture, Trauma, and Schools EdSurge
"When a student is brilliant on the street corner but falling asleep in class, something is wrong with the schooling system."

Teachers Reflect On How Taxonomies Inform Their Teaching EdWeek
"There is an adage in educational research that says all models are flawed but some are useful.  This is true of Bloom's Taxonomy... Still, there is value in the taxonomy.  If it serves to remind teachers to always strive to build units of instruction to include the skills of analyzing, evaluating, and creating then the taxonomy has value."


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