April 9 - April 16, 2017

Lots this week on feedback mechanisms, from the feature article and a post in pedagogy.

Also, the leadership article about the uselessness of job interviews makes me want to dramatically change the interview process.  What in interviews provides meaningful, real value?

These and much more of interest, below.  Enjoy!


Thoughts On Feedback, And Getting Rid Of Grades Medium
"The first finding [is] regarding feedback.  Butler examined 3 types of feedback: scores alone, comments alone, and score with comments.  Her study showed that scores alone made students either complacent or unmotivated depending on how well they did.  Score with comments were just as ineffective in that students focused entirely on the score and ignored the comments.  Surprisingly, it was the students who received comments alone that demonstrated the most improvement.  The second finding comes from John Hattie (201) whose synthesis of 800 meta-studies showed that student self-assessment/self-grading topped the list of educational interventions with the highest effect size."


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