March 26 - April 02, 2017

It's Poetry Month!  Enjoy several poetry related articles this week, including Garrison Keillor's both funny and useful tips for writing poetry.

Also: conversations about dress codes (see: Workplace) can lead to surprising places. One commenter wrote about the United Airlines incident, defending it: "But this rule is no different than dressing for a club. If you want to get in for free, no white tees or jeans or you need to wear heels and be there before 11pm. Like...follow the rules for the buddy pass or pay regular price like everybody else and then wear your leggings." Dress codes can seem one-sided, but the discussion doesn't have to be.  Good stuff in here.

Also, the article on running is extraordinarily comprehensive.  Everything you wanted to know about running and more: training schedules, playlists, inspiration, and more.




Susan Cain Writes About The Need For Followers, Not Leaders New York Times
"My sons are avid soccer players, so I spend a lot of time watching the 'beautiful game.' The thing that makes it beautiful is not leadership, though an excellent coach is essential.  Nor is it the swoosh of the ball in the goal, though winning is noisily celebrated. It is instead the intricate ballet of patterns and passes, of each player anticipating the other's strengths and needs, each shining for the brief instant that he has the ball before passing it to a teammate or losing it to an opponent."

Garrison Keillor Says To Write More Poetry Washington Post
"Love is never easy to express... But you can do it. The first step is: Imitate. Google 'great love poems' and find one you like a lot and copy ad paste it onto a blank page -- Burns's' 'My love is like a red, red rose" or Stevenson's 'I will make you brooches and toys for your delight... -- and simply change the nouns, e.g. 'My love is like a double bed" or "a trip to town," "a vision pure," "a red T-shirt"; "I will make you coffee and serve by candlelight"... -- and then go on to plug in new verbs and adverbs, prepositions.  It's like remodeling an old house."


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