April 30 - May 7, 2017

A wide range this week.

The featured article on Personalized Learning is an extraordinarily well-researched overview of the topic.  It addresses the many definitions and understandings of Personalized Learning, sources them, teases them apart, explores the role of technology--and different kinds of technologies--and much, much more.  If you're interested in this topic, this is a must read.

This and many other great pieces below.  Enjoy!


A Deep Reflection On Inclusion: When It's Real And When It Isn't Medium
"By celebrating the inclusion of insiders--people of different genders and races who have been pre-assimilated into Silicon Valley via Harvard or Georgetown or Stanford--the industry misdirects attention from the inclusion of actual outsiders.  We don't change much by publicizing that we have hired people that we would have hired anyway... You're a woman who went to Harvard, we have a job for you! You are an African American engineer from MIT, we have 6 competing offers! That's not to say that these candidates aren't fantastic, they are. It's saying that we're not looking past race and gender to other forms of socioeconomic mobility."

Personalized Learning: Getting Past Buzzwords, A State Of The Industry CCR
"It is largely an umbrella term that overlaps with other education concepts--such as adaptive learning, differentiated instruction, competency-based education, and learning analytics. The Data & Society Research Institute offers a schematic for unpacking this range of genres and terms."


Teens Have Rinsta (Real Instagram) and Finsta (Fake Instagram) Accounts Mic


3 Factors In Ultra-High Performance Athletics, Via Running [video] Wired


When/How Complaining Can Be Constructive New York Magazine

"(It's Great To) Suck At Something" New York Times
"It's not the momentary high that has sustained me.  In the process of trying to attain a few moments of bliss, I experience something else: patience and humility, definitely, but also freedom.  Freedom to pursue the futile.  And the freedom to suck without caring is revelatory."


Two Boarding Schools Start All-Gender Dorms NPR

"Talking About Race In Mostly White Schools" Harvard GSE


How Important Is Pre-K? Researchers Gather To Settle Questions NPR


A Computer Analyzes 500 "Modern Love" New York Times Posts Quartz


A History Of A Wicked Awesome Word: "Wicked" Merriam-Webster

Some Reflections On Learning Vocabulary Outside Of School Science Journal
"Our research shows a direct link between employees' understanding of their company's identity and key measures of business health."


The Effects Of Being Clearly Mission Driven Gallup


Seven Focal Points For Teachers Professional Development NAIS


Remembering Seymour Papert: Peers, Passion, Projects, Play KQED


On Literary Evolution, And The Teaching Of Empathy Nautilus
"Stories that vault readers outside of their own lives and into characters' inner experiences may sharpen readers' general abilities to imagine the minds of others. If that's the case, the historical shift in literature from just-the-facts narration to the tracing of mental peregrinations may have had an unintended side effect: helping to train precisely the skills that peple needed to function in societies that were becoming more socially complex and ambiguous.


Spirals, Blooms, The Golden Angle/Ratio, And Animation Science Friday

A Few Thoughts About Mathematics And Art The Conversation

Wolfram Releases Data Repository For Open Analysis Wolfram

How Mental Representations Of Math Can Affect Learning Hackernoon


DIY Artificial Intelligence: Google and Raspberry Pi Team Up Wired

Audrey Watters Catalogs Headlines About Robots, From This Week Hack Ed

Yik Yak Is Shutting Down (Hallelujah.) EdSurge


An Argument For Why We Need Breaks, Rest, Reflection Quartz


AP Investigates Student-Student Sexual Assault Associated Press

A Collection Of Reports On Whether/Why To Take A Gap Year New York Times