May 14 - May 21, 2017

Several articles on the need for free time for creative thought have been a reminder for me that deep work can't be chopped into small pieces.  I recall now that Steve Jobs and Jony Ive had a three hour meeting every week.

Also, the article under visualization offers a deft demonstration of how visualizing data can reveal insights that otherwise go undetected.  And similarly, the short (and fun) game about gerrymandering makes clear how the unethical practice works.

These and many others--enjoy!


Why Memorizing (And Not Googling) Is Necessary: Speed, Context NYTimes
"Kids who look up the quadratic equation may end up like the child who looked up "meticulous"; they have a definition, but they don't have the background knowledge to use it correctly.  Students should learn not only the formula but also why it works and how it connects to other math content.  That's how contextual knowledge develops in the brain, and that's why vocabulary instruction seldom consists of simple memorization of definitions -- students are asked to use the words in a variety of sentences.  The same should be true of more advanced concepts and for the same reason."


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