May 28 - June 4, 2017

Good, practical advice in several articles this week, as well as some wonderfully nuanced meditations.  The featured article on the cognitive mechanisms at work while reading poetry is a delight to read--music to an English teacher's ears, in any event!

The feature article on separate commencements for underrepresented groups offers thoughtful perspectives on how and why schools might acknowledge the experience of different groups within a community.

Good stuff throughout.  Lots to mull over as summer sneaks up on us.


Colleges Hold Separate Commencement For Black, 1st Gen Students NYTimes
"Participants say the ceremonies are a way of celebrating their shared experience as a group, and not a rejection of official college graduations, which they also attend. Depending on one's point of view, the ceremonies may also be reinforcing an image of the 21st century campus as an incubator for identity politics."

The Cognitive Magic Of Shakespearean Wordplay Nautilus
"His theory may explain the ineffable mind-states that poetry creates in us: poetic experience as the interaction of barely perceptible mental processes whose delicate, scintillating play is usually washed out by the spotlight of conscious attention."


More Detail On What Sleep Adolescents Need New York Times

How A Short Metacognitive Practice Improves Outcomes Quartz
"The survey then asked the students to reflect on what kinds of questions the exam might include, and to identify which of 15 available class resources whey would use to study... They were asked to write down why each resource would be useful and how they would use it, effectively mapping out a study plan."


Finland Shifts Some Of Its Curriculum From Subjects To Projects BBC


"Having One Black Teacher Could Help Keep Black Students In School" KQED

How Mentors Make A Difference (Via Women In Engineering) Atlantic


The Key? Play And Academics Together, Taught By A Skilled Teacher NYTimes
"The school reform movement has pushed to bring more formal math and phonics concepts into the preschool curriculum. At the same time, education experts I trust say academics and play don't exist on opposite ends of a spectrum.  Rather, in an effective classroom, they are intermixed."


Reflections On Thoreau The Nation


Head Of School Sets Clear School Vision in the Middle East King's Academy
"It's impossible to plan for the unknown, but two orientations are essential for schools of the future.  First, schools must be agile, flexible, open to change, fully awake to new and innovative approaches to learning, willing to experiment and courageous enough to discard tired and dated practices. At the same time, they need to move into the future dedicated to their mission and values and confident in who they are. Here is a four-pointed educational compass that I believe can guide us as we move into the future."


"Children's Love Of Reading At All-Time High" The Bookseller


"The Complex Geometry Of Islamic Design" [Video]  YouTube/TedEd

Increase In CS Classes Matched By Increase In Cheating New York Times

Reflections On Why There Are So Few Computer Science Majors Dan Wang

Scratch: Coding To Learn Vs. Learning To Code Code Like A Girl


Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report Kleiner Perkins


Interactive Visualization Of Global Refugee Migration Since 2000 Fast Company