July 9 - July 16, 2017

Several articles this week focus on strategies for making good ed tech decisions, both in the classroom and as a school.

Many other good selections this week across a wide range of topics!



Survey Results: How To Make Good Ed Tech Decisions The 74 Million
"For EdTech decision-makers: 1) Beware of living in an echo-chamber: talk to people outside of higher education. 2) Make sure decisions are being led by clearly identifiable pedagogical needs rather than simply by what technology is out there. 3) Involve stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and students early in the decision-making process to build buy-in and avoid bumpy rollouts.  This may include using creative ways of understanding faculty challenges."

One School Goes Deep Into Focus On "Personalized Learning" Hechinger Report
"Next year, Vista will enter an uncharted era: Every freshman will embark on a new curriculum designed to help them find and pursue their interests... Vista's personalized-learning overhaul next year, for all of its uncertainty, is not the school's first foray in the approach. School officials have been closely watching progress of the pilot personalized-learning academy.  it opened two years ago, with a class of about 150 students who opted into the program."


Mastery Transcript Consortium Gains Momentum Boston Globe


E-Sports Create Gamer Leagues - Robert Kraft Owns One - $1B Value Quartz


Long, Detailed Read On The Science Of Stress Aeon


Take Naps And Don't Be Shy About It.  Sleep Helps. New York Times


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6 Lessons In Online Pedagogy (From Running PD Sessions) Global Online Acad.

An Exploration Of What Active Listening Means (via Home Politics) Farnam Street


"Why You Need Emoji... The Body Language Of The Digital Age" Nautilus


French Mathematician Completes Proof For Tesselated Pentagons Quanta

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"Scientists Store Film Clip In DNA"... Whaaaaat?! New York Times


2017 Report On What Jobs Are Likely To Be Automated Bloomberg

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MOOCs Find Their Audience? EdSurge

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Working From Home Is The Best! Inc.


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