September 3 - September 10, 2017

A week of pairings: the AP and IB curricula, music and and the brain, Tom Brady and Beyonce, and more...

Also of particular note: the massive survey about religion in America is fascinating, Dig in to look at detailed demographics.

Also and lastly, the lessons learned from the articles on cognitive science are good reminders of now-proven facts.

Enjoy the reading this week!


Sweet Briar College Reinvents Its Curriculum And Cost Structure Chron. of Hi. Ed.
"The curriculum changes, hammered out in just three months by the college's faculty, will abolish traditional academic departments and instead align professors in three groups, one focusing on engineering, science, and technology, another on the environment and sustainability, and the third on creativity and the arts."

E-Sports Continue To Expand At Universities Education Dive
"This past fall, Miami University became the first Division 1 school to have a varsity e-sports team, and Platt said a game last semester had more streaming viewers than the school's football, basketball and hockey matches throughout the entire year. The Guardian even reports the possibility that e-sports will be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics... There are about 40 schools with varsity teams throughout the country, according to Platt, and many are offering scholarships. While some are thousands of dollars -- others, like the University of Utah, are offering full ride scholarships to talented gamers."


Surprise: Millennials Have More Faith In Libraries Than Anyone Else Pew Research


Tom Brady's Brain: Intellectual Football And Annual Concussions New York Times


Meaningful Living Comes Most From Making Small Decisions Well NY Times


Exercise Leads To Better Self Control University of Kansas

Retrieval Practice (Quizzing Yourself) Is The Best Studying Wall Street Journal

Five Things Your Brain Does To Keep Time Popular Science

Reminder: Learning Styles Theories Are Wrong. Daniel Willingham


Listening To Vivaldi Stimulates Certain Kinds Of Creativity Pacific Standard


Seven Skills To Learn For A Transforming, Automated Future Singularity Hub

Cambridge Curriculum Grows As Alternative To AP And IB Education Dive

What Is The Cambridge Curriculum? Cambridge International Examination

"Who Benefits From The Expansion Of AP Classes?" New York Times

Learning An Instrument Leads To Better Decision Making Pacific Standard
"The result: Musicians who began training later than age eight performed significantly better than either non-musicians, or their musical peers who began lessons earlier in life."


Spelman Admits Transgender Students Spelman

"First Genetic Proof That Women Were Viking Warriors" Phys

Danish University Offers Course On "Beyonce, Gender And Race" BBC

A 5 Minute Intervention In Middle School Can Affect College Work EdWeek

Charles Murray Speaks At Harvard. Protests Ensue. No Injuries. Washington Post

JK Rowling On Free Speech (Via Donald Trump) Farnam Street
"If you seek the removal of freedoms from an opponent simply on the grounds that they have offended you, you have crossed the line to stand alongside tyrants who imprison, torture and kill on exactly the same justification."


A Free, Teacher-Less, 3-Year, Meritocratic Coding School Quartz
"Since there are no teachers, it is up to the students to figure things out. Everything is graded by peers. Students "manage their time how they want," says Sadirac. "It's totally self organized." In education-speak, École 42 is both project-based learning"and peer-to-peer learning on steroids."


The Poetry Foundation Has A Few Poetry Documentaries Poetry Foundation

"Mr. America" - A Profile Of Ken Burns New Yorker

Some History Of And An Improbable Return Of The City-State Aeon

"American Changing Religious Identity" PRRI
"The single largest survey of American Religious and denominational identity ever conducted. This landmark report is based on a sample of more than 101,000 Americans from all 50 states and includes detailed information about their religious affiliation, denominational ties, political affiliation, and other important demographic attributes."


On Cultivating Mindfulness At School: Reasons, Strategies New York Times


On Facilitating Community Of Practice In Online Courses Faculty Focus

A Good Look At One Effort To Take A Lecture Course Online Quartz


We're In A Good Moment For Books About Science Times Literary Supplement


What Jobs Will Be Automated? How Have Jobs Evolved? Visual Capitalist

You Can Create Custom Google Search Engines Teachthought

Video Games With Bioresponsive Technology Help Train Focus Skills Fast Co

A Critical Pedagogy Look At The LMS Middlebury Digital Learning
"What if we were to theorize that the learning management system (LMS) is designed, not for learning or teaching, but for the gathering of data? And what if we were to further theorize that the gathering of data, as messaged and marketed through the LMS, has become conflated with teaching and learning."


A Reflection On Uniforms As Dress Codes. Do They Do Anything? New Yorker


Deconstructing Teacher Brand Ambassadors Via Social Justice Hack Education

A History Of Ikea's Billy Bookcase Signature Reads