October 15 - October 22, 2017

Some sleeper hits this week that belong in multiple categories:

Lin Manuel Miranda's interview with Stephen Sondheim is about writing, but it could live in "Creativity," too.  Dave Eggers' interview with Chimamanda Adichie is in humanities, but it could also live in diversity/inclusion. And the article "How fiction becomes fact on social media" could live almost anywhere: tech, humanities, social media, etc...

Many niche articles this week that might yet provoke fresh perspectives.  And many articles, too, that aggregate a wealth of information on a topic. 



On Social Psychology, Replicability, And Its Toll On People New York Times
"After 2012, questions of methodology started dominating every social-psychology conference, as did the topic of replications. Across disciplines, a basic scientific principle is that multiple teams should independently verify a result before it is accepted as true. But for the majority of social-psychology results, even the most influential ones, this hasn't happened... in the years after that Society and Personality and Social Psychology conference, a sense of urgency propelled a generation of researchers, most of them under 40, to re-examine the work of other, more established researchers. And politeness was no longer a priority."

James Baldwin's Talk To Teachers In 1963 - And Echoes Of Today Zinn Education
"Let's begin by saying that we are living through a very dangerous time. Everyone in this room is in one way or another aware of that. We are in a revolutionary situation, no matter how unpopular that word has become in this country. The society in which we live is desperately menaced, not by Khrushchev, but from within."


College Quidditch Celebrates 12 Years Middlebury


Duckworth: 3 Suggestions To Foster (Not Follow) Your Passion New York Times


How Sleep Is Affected By Age, Alcohol, Caffeine, Pills, Etc NPR

"How Fiction Becomes Fact On Social Media"  New York Times
"Ideological leanings and viewing choices are conscious, downstream factors that come into play only after automatic cognitive biases have already had their way, abetted by the algorithms and social nature of digital interactions."


7 Good Tips For Living Creatively Medium

In Praise Of Bad Ideas When Brainstorming Quartz


Should Online Learning Be A Required Part Of The Curriculum? Medium

We Need Job Search Skills. I.e. We Need The Humanities Pacific Standard
"The skills you learn in the humanities are exactly the skills you use in a job search. The humanities teach students to understand the different rules and expectations that govern different genres, to examine social cues and rituals, to think about the audience for and reception of different kinds of communications. In short, they teach students how to apply for the kinds of jobs students will be looking for after college."


Is The Grit Conversation Actually An Equity Conversation? WashPo

Harvard Law Review Has First Female-Majority Class Harvard Crimson


Dave Eggers Profiles Chimamanda Adichie New York Times

37% Of Art Museum-Goers Don't Think Museums Are "Culture"  Artsy

"'Allah' Is Found On Viking Funeral Clothes" New York Times


Use De Bono's Six Thinking Hats To Help Kids Give Good Feedback KQED

The One Sentence Lesson Plan Cult of Pedagogy
"Students will be able to [accomplish outcomes X] by [using method Y] so that [they will be helped in Z way]."


Professors, Teachers Discuss The Five-Paragraph Essay EdSurge

Why Journaling Is Great -- 11 Ways To Make It A Habit Medium

Lin Manuel Miranda Interviews Sondheim On Writing New York Times
"You shouldn't feel safe. You should feel, 'I don't know if I can write this.' That's what I mean by dangerous, and I think that's a good thing to do. Sacrifice something safe."


The Evolution Of Wikipedia's Use In Education EdSurge


Should Students Join Parent-Teacher Conferences? Wall Street Journal

Chestnuts Roasting... Rewritten To Teach You Music Theory ClassicFM

Harvard Has A Beatbox Residency WBUR

Obsessed With Spreadsheets?  This Is For You Quartz

Spend Free Time Learning/Creating Rather Than Being Entertained Medium