January 7 - January 14, 2018

Another full week!

The curriculum piece on building a "high performing university" profiles Minerva, which is truly an innovative organization. Minerva also, however, has very competitive admissions, which limits the transferability of their lessons learned to all environments. Still, it's a provocative read.

This week's posts also seemed to include many pieces that were pushing back against several contemporary narratives.  These pieces, however, advocate for a balanced understanding: of experiential learning, of identity politics, of phones, and more.  Lots to think about here.




Trends In Foreign Language Study Since 2005 Quartz
"From 2005 to 2015, the share of US schools offering major Western languages like Spanish and German fell. Chinese has overtaken Latin. And the 'other' category -- comprising Arabic, Japanese, and plenty of others -- nearly caught up to French."

On A Measured Approach To Experiential Learning Inside Higher Ed
"Such experience, it is argued, will help students by giving them a leg up in their careers and making them more useful people. And although that may often prove true in the short term, I am convinced it is not reliably the case when we consider a longer time frame -- particularly for students in the foundational arts and sciences disciplines. Take, for example, the following three situations."


"Will Letter Grades Survive?" Edutopia


"The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less" Harvard Business Review


Some New Books On How Memory Works New York Times

How Social Engagement Improves Memory New York Times

The Largest Sleep Study Ever, Based On Millions Of FitBit Users Yahoo

Why We Think So Clearly In The Shower Quartz

The Effect Of Novelty In The Learning Process Creativity Post


"10 New Principles Of Good Design" Fast Company

Imitation: China Replicates The Eiffel Tower--And Mile Of Paris  Fast Company


Principles From Starting A High Scoring University From Scratch Getting Smart
"Minerva is a liberal arts college, but you won't find the typical course catalog. Four principles guided the development of a structured curriculum: Content should not be the focus... The curriculum must be carefully structured... Courses should be seminal... Students need informed choice... Based on these four principles, the Minerva curriculum promotes a broad context and opportunities for 'far transfer.'"


Maria Popova Reflects On Today's Identity Politics Brain Pickings
"In our effort to liberate, we have ended up imprisoning -- imprisoning ourselves in the fractal infinity of our ever-subdividing identities, imprisoning each other in our exponentially multiplying varieties of otherness... Complement this particular direction of thought inspired by Walking on the Pastures of Wonder with James Baldwin and Margaret Mead's spectacular conversation about identity and belonging, young Barack Obama on how we fragment our wholeness with polarizing identity politics, and Walt Whitman on identity and paradox of the self."


Toddlers And Lying, Not Necessarily A Bad Thing New York Times

What Makes A Great Preschool Teacher? New York Times
"The other argument is that increasing credential requirements without first raising wages places too much of a burden on already-overtaxed teachers. Mary Alice McCarthy, director on Education and Skills at the New America Foundation, has proffered a different approach: apprenticeships. Like many human-service jobs, she says, teaching is best taught through 'iterative interactions,' where a person with experience helps a newcomer identify and respond to challenges. And the structure of an apprenticeship may be better suited to teachers who need to work full time while they learn."


Some Principles For Running Effective (Small) Meetings Inc.

What Top Skilled Candidates Want: Learning & Good Culture Medium


Wait Time, A Reminder: It Makes A Big Difference Edutopia


10 Rules For Writing (Publishable) Science Papers PLOS

Most Sold eBooks From 2017, By Apple iBooks Store Publishers Weekly


So You Want To Be A Software Engineer? Codeburst,io


EdWeek Explores Teacher Lesson Plan Marketplaces [video] YouTube

Facebook Is Tweaking Its Algorithm To Promote Healthier Use Inc.

Pew Surveys People On Beliefs About Drones Pew Research

"Laptops In Class Are The New Second-Hand-Smoke" 3 Star Learning

A Case For More Online Classes... In Graduate School Inside Higher Ed

Some Schools Are Locking Smart Phones In Pouches On Arrival NPR

On The Role Of Time Limits In Phone Use Guardian
"Until now, the primary goal of Parental controls on devices was content... However, content is only part of the problem -- the larger issue is teenagers spending nearly all of their leisure time on their phones."


Beautiful Photos "Inside One Of America's Last Pencil Factories." New York Times

Marble Chutes, Magnets, And Tchaikovsky, Synchronized [Video] YouTube

Close Reading John Williams' Score Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi New Yorker