January 28 - February 4, 2018

Some compelling articles this week on topics both familiar and fresh.

I'm most intrigued by this week's second feature article, about HappyOrNot, a blunt customer satisfaction tool for the commercial world.  Schools aren't commercial, and we shouldn't think of students or families as customers, but receiving plenty of feedback is great for both learners and teachers alike.  What might something like this look like in schools, without ending up in a Black Mirror dystopia like the one described in the article?

There's some interesting synergy with the Stanford study showing that having a positive attitude about a subject increases performance. (Well, obviously.) But having it spelled out like this does bring to mind Bloom's work on the affective domain.

And for some pushback on Bloom, see further down.

These and more: enjoy!



NYT Synthesizes Student Essays On How They Feel About News New York Times
"To participate, students had to complete three tasks: 1. Do a personal 24- to 48-hour news audit in which you record all the news you get now, where it comes from and how well it meets your needs and interests. 2. Change your "news diet" to make it better meet your needs. Tinker with sources, content and platforms to address what you discovered in your news audit. 3. In a personal essay (500 words or fewer) or video (one minute or shorter), reflect on your experiences before and after you experimented with your news diet, and sum up how you see the role of news in your life now... We heard from 358 teenagers."

HappyOrNot: Simple Feedback New Yorker
"Filling out surveys isn't something you can always do, so it came to my mind that maybe there could be an easier way to give feedback, and to send the data directly to people who are interested in the results... We saw that, if you make it easy, people will give feedback every day, even if you don't give them a prize for doing it."


3 Questions For Measuring Learning, By Jay McTighe ASCD


On The Importance Of Focused Conditioning (via The Patriots... Sorry!) Ringer


Having A Positive Attitude Towards A Subject Increases Performance Stanford

A Game Theory Explanation For The Value Of Patience Big Think


Meta-Analysis: Cognitive Training Games Don't Transfer Research Gate [Study]

To Fall Asleep More Easily, Write Down A To-Do List Before Bed Brit. Psych. Soc.

A Meta-Study Confirms The Effects Of Retrieval Practice Rev. of Ed. Research
"Results reveal that practice tests are more beneficial for learning than restudying and all other comparison conditions."


On The Role Of Influence In Creative Work Austin Kleon
"To say that Keats influenced Wilde is not only to credit Keats with an activity of which he was innocent, but also to misrepresent Wilde by suggesting he merely submitted to something he obviously went out of his way to acquire. In matters of influence, it is the receptor who takes the initiative, not the emitter. When we say that Keats has a strong influence on Wilde, what we really mean is that Wilde was an assiduous reader of Keats."


Yale's Most Popular Class Is About Happiness New York Times

What Knowledge Is Essential In A Digital Age? Center for Curric. Redesign
"Although Calculus is helpful for the 20-30% of bachelor's degree students who enter college with a STEM major and are expected to take Calculus, what is the experience of the other 70-80%? ...Currently, even in the best case scenario, students are still spending the majority of their time on material they will never use again once they choose a specialization. Knowledge taught in schools must be reorganized such that it is relevant to all students, while at the same time giving each student the opportunities to study in depth the prerequisite knowledge they will need for whatever career trajectory they choose. This is a balance well worth striving for."


NYT Film Critics Choose 28 Films For 28 Days Of Black History Month NYTimes


Laser Scans Reveal Mayan Empire Might Have Been Millions Larger Wash. Post

Is Storytelling An Essential Component Of Human Culture? Pacific Standard

"Things They Made Me Carry": On Diversifying Curriculum Teaching While White
"I taught some chapters of The Things They Carried alongside The Gangster We Are All Looking For. As I was finally able to teach about the Vietnam War through a Vietnamese family's eyes, I found my true voice again. And once I found my voice, my students found me."


A Long Look At "The Shallowness Of Google Translate" Atlantic


"What Is Strategy? Why It's More Than A To-Do List" [Video] HubSpot

Should Your Best Teachers Teach More Students? How? Brookings


How One School Organizes Prof, Learning In Two Year Cycles Modern Learners


Strength-Based Learning: Is That A Thing? Hechinger Report
"Though grounded in complex positive psychology research, the strength-based approach boils down to a simple rule: Focus on what students do well. It feels natural to do the opposite, because pulling up areas of weakness can seem like the best way to help children grow."

Does Bloom's Two-Sigma Claim About Tutoring Hold Up Today? Chalkbeat

Universal Design For Learning (UDL): Accessibility Helps Everyone EdWeek
"In the same way the wheelchair ramp also helps all passengers, I have witnessed how my own (inexpert) shift toward UDL has helped all my students, not just the ones with the quirky learning profiles."


A Deep Mathematical Exploration Into The Gerrymandering Problem Wolfram

A Great Explanation For Why Dividing By Zero Is Impossible [Video] YouTube


Considerations When Designing Online Courses In Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed

Will Self-Driving Trucks Surprisingly Increase The Need For Truckers? Atlantic

Multiple Monitors Can Make You More Productive Guardian

Audrey Watters Tracks Ed Tech Investments In Amazing Detail Hack Education

More Research Showing More Smartphone Time = Less Happiness Quartz


Everything You Wanted To Know About: Super Bowl Ads Quartz

Libraries Are Becoming Sources For Local News Atlantic

GOA Online Summer Courses Open To Students Everywhere Global Online Acad

Science Leadership Academy: A School And A Conference (And More) Jose Vilson