March 25 - April 1, 2018

A full week or writing, and many helpful pieces on character: on teaching children to be kind, on measuring wisdom, on grit, happiness, and more.

Also, if you haven't yet read the story about the Chicago accountant/emergency backup goalie who got called up to play in the NHL (after a day at the office) and then proceeded to make a string of seven saves, read it in the Athletics section and watch the videos. A joyous story, and he takes it with both humor and humility.

Enjoy these and others this week!



Daniel Willingham Offers Proposal For Reforming Teacher Training Education Next
"K-12 teachers, I will argue, have little use for psychological theory, but could benefit from knowing the observations -- developmental patterns and consistencies in children's cognition, motivation, and emotion. Such knowledge roughly equates to 'understanding children.'"

The Science Of How Space Affects Thinking, Creativity Medium
"Our mental space stands in direct proportion to our perception of physical space."


"The Case For Eliminating The SAT And ACT In UCal Admissions" Berkeley

On Parents Managing Their Own Stress About College Applications New York Times

"I have a child who's a junior in high school, which means that everywhere I go, people want to talk about one thing: college."


"Teen Driving By The Numbers" Wired


Local Accountant Called Up As NHL Goalie, Makes Saves, Becomes Hero NPR

"He stopped one shot after another -- seven times blocking the Jets' attempts to score. In a moment most rec-league players can recognize from our wildest dreams, the fans in the United Center began chanting his name."


Understanding Wisdom: Factors, Descriptors, A Test TED

Teach Grit Through Gratitude, Not Willpower Chronicle of Higher Education

The Relationship Between Wealth & Happiness, Visualized By Nation Visual Capitalist

How To Teach Children To Be Kind Huffington Post
"Both research and real-life examples show us that if kindness and empathy are modeled to kids in everyday life they are much more likely to continue this attitude into middle school and beyond. Modeling empathy starts early. Research indicates that if parents use more descriptive language in explaining how other people might be feeling, even toddlers are more likely to learn perspective-taking."


On The Importance Of Knowledge (Via E. D. Hirsch) Daniel Willingham

University That Cuts Humanities Programs Defends Position Chronicle of Higher Ed


"Can Money Attract More Minorities Into The Teaching Profession?" Brookings

"U.S. Children Are Drawing Female Scientists Now More Than Ever" Northwestern


A Short History Of Young People's Roles In Elections New York Times


Is Workload Equity In Residential Education Even Possible? Teach Coach Live

Do You Focus On The "Employee Experience"? LinkedIn


"Frickin' Packets": A Dive Into The Good And Bad Of Worksheets Cult of Pedagogy

Exploring The Effectiveness Of Field Trips Larry Cuban


"Why It's So Hard To Hear Negative Feedback" (And Give It) New York Times
"Why do we react this way to feedback that is ostensibly supposed to help us? Essentially, it's because all of us are so awful at delivering negative feedback. It's a self-reinforcing vicious cycle that trains us to avoid what would make us better at work and in life."

Professional Development Is A Retention Strategy Gallup

"The primary reason teachers gave for leaving their last job was career advancement or development, with 60% of teachers who left voluntarily citing reasons related to this category."


Meditation On Teaching Fiction Writing The Millions

"I sat in the dark staring at my laptop. I was well into my second hour of watching sword fights on YouTube. I switched between samurai movies, anime, medieval battle scenes, and pirate duels. Two of my students just kept writing about sword fights, and I was trying to be a better teacher. If I was going to critique the battle scenes in their novels-in-progress, I needed to understand what made a good sword fight."


Lessons From A 1,600-Person Voluntary Social Media Break Cal Newport


On Using Literature In Math Class KQED

"What I appreciated most is how humanizing our conversations were of mathematics -- in terms of who was doing it -- and how much curiosity students brought to the mathematical ideas they were exposed to."


"The Population Bomb" And The inevitable Collapse Of Civilization Guardian

The Environmental Impact Of Buying A Smartphone Is Huge Fast Company
"Buying a new smartphone consumes as much energy as using an existing phone for an entire decade."


What Does Screen Time Do To Your Eyes? Wired


4-Day School Weeks. They're Growing, Usually For Budget Reasons Newsweek

"Even the number of districts which have schools on a four-day week is hard to say - recently Heyward was able to identify 470 districts for certain but says she conservatively estimates that there are around 500."


Linda Brown, Of Brown v. Board Of Education, Dies At 75 New York Times

Do Selective Schools Provide Additional Value? Taylor & Francis

From The "Information Age" To The "Reputation Age" Aeon