March 4 - March 11, 2018

At SXSWedu, I attended an extraordinary panel that featured the Louisiana Department of Education's move to improve statewide education in a local-control state. Already, you might see the parallel with schools that have a tension between a centralized desire for consistent quality and entrenched decentralized claims on autonomy.  Louisiana's work threaded that needle, preserving autonomy while improving its overall quality, and its formula is quite succinct: rigorously assess curricular options, provide rigorously assessed professional development options, and then allow individual choice.  See the feature article.

Lots of other great sessions at SXSWedu; more news in weeks to come.

Also, plenty of other compelling nuggets this week. I've been thinking recently about reading aloud to students--have done a fair amount of it when working with students on difficult texts--and was pleased to encounter the other feature article to confirm my bias...

Enjoy these and others!



5 Reasons To Read Aloud To Students (At All Grade Levels) Hechinger Report
"The benefits of reading aloud to students have been known for decades. A landmark report called 'Becoming a Nation of Readers' identified listening as 'the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading."

Game-Changing PD in Louisiana Through Curriculum Development Education Next
"The brilliance of what happened in Louisiana is they didn't make a single choice for any school district in the state. They simply provided good information, training, and incentives."


"1 in 4 Young People Has Been Sexted" CNN

"More Students Would Benefit From Having A Mentor" Education Dive

"Students who have a mentor are more likely to stay in school, attend college, volunteer, hold positions of leadership and become mentors themselves."


On The Photographer Of Roger Bannister's 4-Minute Mile Finish Deadspin


On Designing A School Around Empathy ASCD


On Fixing Focus: Zapping The Brain Vs. Natural Scenery Boston Globe

Two Emerging Perspectives On The Learning Sciences Competency Works

"While 'constructivists' foreground the evidence for real-world projects to create rich emotional and social learning experiences, 'cognitivists' worry about learners getting lost in the task and point to evidence for core knowledge curricula and explicit instruction. Opportunities for integration often deteriorate in the face of disagreements around progressive and traditionalist goals."


Another Piece About "Better Brainstorming." Good, If Long. Harvard Business Review


On The Importance Of Physics For Sparking Interest In STEM Hechinger Report


Frances McDormand's Reference To "Inclusion Rider" Explained: Hollywood Reporter

More Teens Identify As Transgender Than Previously Thought CBS News
"The study looked at students in ninth and 11th grade and estimated that nearly 3 percent are transgender or gender nonconforming."

Interviews With 50 Visionary Women About Gender Equality Quartz
"It's a collection of insights from visionaries around the world aimed at anyone committed to empowering women. In a series of interviews, these women laid bare their struggles, revealed their secrets to success, and told us about their next big idea."


Four Steps To Building A Culture Of Growth  Harvard Business Review

"In a growth culture, people build their capacity to see through blind spots; acknowledge insecurities and shortcomings rather than unconsciously acting them out; and spend less energy defending their personal value so they have more energy available to create external value. How people feel -- and make other people feel -- becomes as important as how much they know."


On The Challenge Of Scaling Professional Learning/Coaching Hechinger Report

"Teachers Want More Time For Collaboration" Education Dive


Study: "Falsehoods Almost Always Beat Out The Truth On Twitter" Atlantic

"The massive new study analyzes every major contested news story in English across the span of Twitter's existence--some 126,000 stories, tweeted by 3 million users, over more than 10 years -- and finds that the truth simply cannot compete with hoax and rumor. By every common metric, falsehoods consistently dominate the truth on Twitter, the study finds: Fake news and false rumors reach more people, penetrate deeper into the social network, and spread much faster than accurate stories."


A Simple Explanation Of Markov Chains Towards Data Science

"Eight Ways To Introduce Kids To STEM At An Early Age" Hechinger Report


Schools Gather Digital Traces Of Students To Support Advising University of Arizona

Six Biggest MOOC Trends From 2017 Class Central
"As the modern MOOC movement reaches six years of age, we share six trends affecting the industry. In keeping with the MOOC platforms' continued quest for sustainable revenue models, most of these trends have to do with finding product-market fit, figuring out how (and whom) to charge (and for what)."

Artists Make Guerrilla Augmented Reality Exhibit At MoMA Vice
"People who were just visiting MoMA seem to primarily experience the work through the lens on their phones by taking selfies or photos of the work... Our AR work added an extra layer of digitization by hacking the pre-existing work to reveal the work of artists who are experimenting with a new form."

"For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers" New York Times
"Not only had I spent less time with the story than if I had followed along as it unfolded online, I was better informed, too. Because I had avoided the innocent mistakes -- and the more malicious misdirection -- that had pervaded the first hours after the shooting, my first experience of the news was an accurate account of the actual events of the day."

6 Different Classroom Cell Phone Policies Used By Teachers Faculty Focus
"[Category:] Novelty Policies: Mild or humorous penalties for using electronic devices: 'If it rings, you sing. So be sure and pick out your favorite song and be ready to belt it out in front of the class.'"


6 Different Morning Routines (Before Work)  Inc.


Profile Of Donald Glover New Yorker

Can "Comfort Dogs" Help Schools? KQED

Everything You Wanted To Know About: Legos Quartz

Digital Public Library Of America Launches New Website DPLA

13-Year-Old Boy Creates Fake School District For Fun. Gets License. WSBT