April 29 - May 6, 2018

Fortnite is no longer a misspelling of the archaic "fortnight." Now, it's a video game that seems as consuming to teens today as the fads or crazes of yesterday.  Check out the tech section for two articles about its explosion.

Great writing, as well, on growth mindsets in schools, the benefits of being a multi-sport athlete, and more.

Also, keep an eye open for an announcement related to Athena later this week...




Why Metrics (For Students, Employees) Aren't Always Effective Aeon
"The source of the trouble is that when people are judged by performance metrics they are incentivized to do what the metrics measure, and what the metrics measure will be some established goal. But that impedes innovation, which means doing something not yet established, indeed that hasn't even been tried out. Innovation involves experimentation. And experimentation includes the possibility, perhaps probability, of failure. At the same time, rewarding individuals for measured performance diminishes a sense of common purpose, as well as the social relationship that motivate co-operation and effectiveness. Instead such rewards promote competition."


For Kids, College Decisions Are As Much About Money As The Admission NPR


"Worried About Risky Teenage Behavior? Make School Tougher" New York Times
"For each additional math or science course required of high school students, the probability they drank or binge drank fell by 1.6 percent. The results are a bit larger for males and for nonwhite students."

Listening To Music With Your Kids Improves Your Relationship With Them University of Arizona


"NFL Draft 2018: 1st Round Loaded With Multi-Sport Athletes" USA Football
"29 of 32 first round draft picks were multi-sport athletes in high school."

Exercise -- Even Once A Week -- Makes People Happier New York Times
"People who work out even once a week or for as little as 10 minutes a day tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise. And any type of exercise may be helpful."


"How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture" KQED
"When teachers and administrators say they want kids to have a growth mindset, the school environment has to back up that rhetoric. At Arroyo, the emphasis on growth mindset came alongside a shift to standards-based grading. Kids can see that mistakes along the way aren't negatively affecting them and keep working to master the concepts."

5 Ways To Become More Gritty Medium

On Why You Can't Find A Location For Happiness In The Brain Nautilus


How Sleep Loss Affects The Brain (And What To Do About It) Elysium Health


Meditation On Polymaths: On Going Broad Instead Of Deep Medium


Is It Cultural Appropriation To Wear The Attire Of Another Culture? New York Times

"It's ridiculous to criticize this as cultural appropriation... From the perspective of a Chinese person, if a foreign woman wears a qipao and thinks she looks pretty, then why shouldn't she wear it?"


Hiram: Another Small Liberal Arts College Reinvents Itself To Survive Inside Higher Ed

"In 2014, [the college] modified degree requirements to mandate that all students complete an internship, study-abroad or guided research project... Late last month, [the President] told students and faculty members that she envisions Hiram's academics as being organized around five interdisciplinary schools... Not to be accused of technophilia, it has also given each student a pair of high-end hiking boots to encourage them to get out of the dorm rooms and explore their surroundings."

What SNHU's Competency-Based College For America Looks Like EdSurge


Margaret Atwood On How She Wrote "The Handmaid's Tale" Publication

An Unpublished Book By Zora Neale Hurston Is Found Vulture

"The Historian Behind Slavery Apologists Like Kanye West" New York Times


Ten Translators On What Makes A Good Translation Scroll.in

Visualizing The World's Language Proportional To Population Visual Cpitalist


On Why School Leaders Should Keep Teaching Edutopia


"Parenting The Fortnite Addict" (Also: What Is Fortnite?) New York Times
"Not surprisingly, middle and high schools are finding themselves at odds with students who surreptitiously play the game throughout the day. The game is also popular with adults, including Major League Baseball players, who compellingly bring an element of the game into real life through victory dances on the field based on dances from the game. For parents bewildered by the sense that the game has swallowed their children, especially since the mobile phone version was released in late March, here's some information that may help."

"Gamers Are The New Stars. E-Sports Arenas Are The New Movie Theaters" New York Times
"Video games are beginning their takeover of the real world. Across North America this year, companies are turning malls, movie theaters, storefronts and parking garages into neighborhood esports arenas... And much of it is powered by the obsession with one game: Fortnite. Over the last month, people have spent more than 128 million hours on Twitch just watching other people play Fortnite, the game that took all the best elements of building, shooting and survival games and merged them into one."

"Teaching Students How To Produce Their Own Podcasts" New York Times

AR/VR Moves Into Tabletop Board Games Slate

Whoa. Drone Performances Look Way Better Than Fireworks Quartz


A Charter School Devoted To Cultivating More Involved Citizens Chalkbeat

Pictures From NYC, 1978: Travel Back To A Joyful Past New York Times

Reconsidering "A Nation At Risk" NPR

Working One-On-One Really Makes A Difference Hechinger Report

Essay-Writing Companies Pay YouTube Stars To Advertise For Them BBC

Reflections On Surviving And Thriving In information Overload Medium