July 15 - July 22, 2018

What does it mean to be educated? If the criteria includes the ability to discern fact from fiction, then Pew Research has landed on a few strategies for developing educated citizens.  See the feature article for more of Pew's surveys and analysis.

Also, the June ASCD Education Leadership publication included several articles about time management and pace for teachers.  I've included two articles here, and you might explore links on those pages to find more. 

Enjoy these and others! 


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Assessing Fact Varies With Political Awareness, Digital Savvy, And Trust In Media Pew Research
"Even though these characteristics relate in predictable ways to education, these relationships hold true even when accounting for level of education. Further, there is relatively modest overlap among the groups, meaning that each of these groups is distinct. For example just 32% of those with high political awareness also have a lot of trust in national news organizations."

Effective Mentors Are Crucial For the Future Quality Of New Teachers Chalkbeat
"Three studies released this year offer real evidence that good teaching can be passed down, in a sense, from mentor teacher to student teacher. In several cases, they find that the performance of the student teachers once they have their own full-time classrooms corresponds to the quality of the teacher they trained under."



"Harvard Lawsuit Is About Affirmative Action, Not Asian Americans" Boston Globe

"I'm An Activist For Asian Americans. I Support Affirmative Action." Washington Post


College Board Adjusts World History Exam: Now Back To 1200 Inside Higher Ed


A Discussion Of The Damage Aggressive Identity Politics Might Do To Discourse Guardian

"Telling people they're racist, sexist and xenophobic is going to get you exactly nowhere. It's such a threatening message. One of the things we know from social psychology is when people feel threatened, they can't change, they can't listen."


Can The Humanities And Economics Be Reconciled? New Yorker

"I want to believe Morson and Schapiro and Desai when they posit that the gap between economics and the humanities can be bridged, but my experience in both writing fiction and studying economics leads me to think that they're wrong. The hedgehog doesn't want to learn from the fox. The realist novel is a solemn enemy of equations. The project of reducing behavior to laws and the project of attending to human beings in all their complexity and specifics are diametrically opposed."


Five Ways To Give Meaningful Feedback In Less Time ASCD

"There are many alternative grading schemes designed to ensure that feedback and reflection is a collaboration between the teacher and student, and not another thing teachers must do on their own."


"22 Ambassadors Recommend One Book To Read Before Visiting Their Country"  Traveler


Should Schools Use Facial Recognition Software? What If It's Free? Wired

This College Campus Has Been Using Facial Recognition Software For Several Years EdScoop


High School Media Use Linked To ADHD Symptoms NPR

"Teens who were high frequency users of seven or 14 digital media platforms were more than twice as likely to develop ADHD symptoms than teens who did not use any media platform at a high frequency rate."


Startup Uses Machine Learning To Test Human Powered Land Speed Record TechCrunch


Maybe Screen Time Isn't The Problem. Maybe It's The Uncertainty Of Adolescence NYTimes

Some Digital Tools To Streamline Your Teaching Workflow  ASCD
"When it became evident during the first semester of last school year that my students needed more explicit instruction on academic vocabulary, I instinctively thought, 'I should create a vocabulary video and dedicate class time to they can practice the words.' But then I immediately paused and reframed the question to 'How can my students create their own academic vocabulary instruction?'"

Forget Teaching With VR. Let Kids Create VR Expeditions. History Tech


Companies Test Four-Day Work Weeks, Then Make Them Permanent New York Times


School Dress Code Evolves After Being Called Sexist And Gender Binary District Administration
"'Not a single thing about the school day has changed,' Campbell says. 'But we no longer have the little battles over taking off a hat or pulling kids out of class and calling parents because their shorts are too short.' he adds. Students feel free to be themselves.'"

Do Boston And NYC Exam Schools Make A Difference For College? Brookings
"What do the researchers conclude? They find a precisely zero effect of the exam schools on college attendance, college selectivity, and college graduation... The authors note that it is still possible that the schools affect outcomes later in life, such as employment or wealth."