August 5 - August 12, 2018

In this week's feature piece, a teacher struggles with -- and then succeeds at -- fostering helpful discussion about a racially charged incident at her school.  It offers both a cautionary tale and practical tools for helping students process challenging events within their community.

Lots of writing about social media right now.  This isn't really a surprise...

I hadn't intended for there to be a connection between this week and last week's Dungeons & Dragons posts, but as this week's article suggests, the role playing game is making a surprising resurgence. Does it belong in schools?

Enjoy these and more!



How (And How Not) To Discuss Sensitive Topics In Class  Medium
"So often... class discussion becomes a reflection of existing power relations in society, rather than a tool for dismantling and reorganizing them."


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Privilege Is Not A Bad Thing. Use It To Help Those Without It.  The Cut


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Jay McTighe Writes "Three Lessons For Teachers From Grant Wiggins" Jay McTighe

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Twitter As The High School We Are All Publicly Experiencing  New York Times

Ben Franklin Offered The Same Apology Companies Are Giving Today Washington Post
"Franklin had faith that truth would win out over falsehood, if given a fair chance to compete."

Unfollow Everyone - Then Follow What Brings You Joy  Anil Dash

"Snapchat Dysphoria" - The Troubling Desire To Look Like Filtered Selfies  Mic
"A recent study in JAMA pointed out a 13% increase in plastic surgery patients seeking to improve their looks for selfies between 2016 and 2017 because of this phenomenon."


In Praise Of Rote Learning In Math. Especially For Girls.  New York Times

"When we learn to play an instrument -- say, the guitar -- it's obvious that simply understanding how a chord is constructed isn't the equivalent of being able to play the chord.  Guitar teachers know intuitively that the path to success and creativity at the guitar is to practice until the foundational patterns are deeply ingrained."


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