September 23 - September 30, 2018

Lots to explore this week!

If you are interested in the discourse on personalized learning, the feature article is a must-read that catalogs the history of "personalized learning" in America, and how that informs what's going on today.  See more on the topic in Larry Cuban's piece in Pedagogy.

The article (in Other) on activist investor Paul Singer is an unusual pick.  It doesn't reference education at all.  But, read as an analogy for education, it's a harrowing allegory about the dangers of short term gains, quantifiable measures, and achievement mindsets.  Read that way, what does it say about trying to yield short term results from educational policy, measuring them through standardized tests, and focusing on winning, not on collective improvement?  Much.  Of course, it's also a reminder that leadership should be responsible and effective.

Enjoy these and others!



"Insights From 200+ Years Of Personalized Learning"  Nature
"Current initiatives to personalize learning in schools, while seen as a contemporary reform, actually continue a 200+ year struggle to provide scalable, mass, public education that also addresses the variable needs of individual learners. Indeed, some of the rhetoric and approaches reformers are touting today sound very familiar in this historical context. What, if anything, is different this time?"


How Top College Acceptance Rates Have Dropped In The Past 12 Years  Priceonomics


Understanding Grade Inflation, And Some Tools To Reverse It  EdExcellence


"How To Help Teenagers Embrace Stress" New York Times
"Happily, studies also find that it's not hard to convert people to the stress-is-enhancing perspective. To do this in my own work with adolescents, I liken the demands of school to a strength-training program."

On Curiosity: More Follow Up Questions = More Second Dates  New York Times

When To Quit -- Or: When Grit And Perseverance Aren't Right  Harvard Business Review


Speaking: Oral Communication Tops Employer Needs  EdWeek


Strategies For Pronouncing Student Names Correctly  KQED

Resources For Helping Students Understand Confirmation Bias  Programming Librarian


On The Healing Power Of Poetry: How Doctors Use Verse  Nautilus
"One randomized clinical trial by researchers at the University of Maranhao studied the effect of passive listening to music or poetry on the pain, depression, and hope scores of 65 adult patients hospitalized in a cancer facility. They found that both types of art therapy produced similar improvements in pain intensity and depression scores. Only poetry, however, increased hope scores."


Teacher And Principal Discuss How To Make Walkthroughs Better  ASCD


Teacher- And Student-Centered Versions Of "Personalized Learning"  Larry Cuban
"Let me be clear, I place no value for either end (or the middle) of the 'personalized learning' continuum."

Business School Stakeholders Reconsider The Case Method  Quartz

Group Work: Better For Helping Students Reach Individual Goals  Hechinger Report


Reflections On "How To Write A Great Sentence"  Guardian

Audiobook Business Continues To Blossom  Vulture


Apple Watch 4: A Major Breakthrough In Diagnostic Healthcare  Stave Blank
"These two apps, the Electrocardiogram and the irregular heart rhythms, are serious health screening tools."

What Machine Learning Can And Can't Do For Teachers  EdSurge
"I don't see a child sitting in front of an Alexa and being taught, because there is a whole other set of cues they need to learn."


Activist Investing And The Dangers Of Myopic Leadership  New Yorker
"Some of the most successful businesses to emerge in recent decades have staved off short-term pressures, forcing their investors to be patient with uncertainty and experimentation."

"It's Never Too Late For Your Career To Peak"  Fast Company

A Few Maps Of Magical And Literary Places  Guardian