September 9 - September 16, 2018

Another remarkable week of posts:

The feature article on the FDA's response to vaping is eye-opening and, surprisingly, encouraging.

For those interested in the digital humanities course featured last week, we've updated the overall syllabus on the website, which can be viewed here.

Retired professor Larry Cuban is a national treasure in my book, and his blog offers a wealth of understanding of the texture of American education. His two short posts on the history of progressivism in schools are terrific.

These and others, enjoy!



FDA: Teenage Vaping Has Reached "Epidemic Proportion" New York Times
"Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday gave Juul Labs and four other makers of popular vaping devices 60 days to prove they can keep them away from minors. If they fail, the agency said, it may take the flavored products off the market... According to the agency, more than two million middle and high school students were regular users of e-cigarettes last year... E-cigarette users inhale far fewer toxic chemicals than do smokers of traditional cigarettes. But they can take in higher levels of nicotine than in cigarettes. It is nicotine which is addictive and poses a serious health threat to teenagers... "

How Our Expectations For Students Influence Their Success [video] YouTube/NPR
"The expectations that the experimenters had in their head actually translated into a whole set of tiny behavior changes... You may be standing father away from someone you have lower expectations for. You may not be making as much eye contact, and it's not something you can put your finger on."

A Great Summary Of The Research Regarding Note-Taking  Cult of Pedagogy
"I've combed through about three decades' worth of research, and I'm going to tell you what it says about best practices in note-taking. Although this is not an exhaustive summary, it hits on some of the most frequently debated questions on the subject."


Does Interest In Racial Justice Penalize Black Students In Admissions?  The Conversation

"My findings revealed that white admissions counselors were, on average, 26 percent less likely to respond to the emails of black students whose interests and involvements focused on anti-racism and racial justice... I focus my [policy] solutions on what institutions can do, not how black students should comport themselves to fit into a white environment."


Requiring Physical Activity Increases Motivation For Exercise Over Time  EurekAlert
"The results showed that the students who were required to take physical activity classes were less motivated to be active... They also found that the students' motivation increased as they continued in school."

Football Continues To Come Under Fire For Concussions  EdWeek
"The younger children are when they start playing tackle football, the more likely they are to develop degenerative brain disorders later in life."

Children Should Avoid Tackle Football Before Age 14. Flag Football Instead  Wall Street Journal


Is The Apparent Surge In Anxiety More A Cultural Panic Than Truth?  New York Times

6 Reasons We Struggle With Discipline, And How To Get It Right  ASCD


A Short Video On the Neurobiology Of How Stress Affects Memory  YouTube/TedEd

Can Saying "I Am Excited" Change Distress Into Eustress?  YouTube/Atlantic


"A Teacher Made A Hitler Joke... It Tore The School Apart"  New York Times

"Instantly aware that his stab at Mel Brooks-style parody hadn't landed, [the teacher] lowered his arm and tried to explain himself, telling his students that it used to be common to make fun of Nazis. Only recently, he said, had such jokes become taboo. He resumed the lessons, and the weird moment seemed to be over."

"Does Teacher Diversity Matter In Student Learning?" (Yes.)  New York Times


What (Some) People Are Saying About Why Not To Go To College"  Hackernoon


Teach Students To Argue Well By Using Controversy Mapping  ASCD

Looking Back On "The Outsiders"  New York Times


Doris Kearns Goodwin Summarizes Lincoln's Leadership Principles  Harvard Business Review

A Four Part Decision Matrix  Farnam Street

"Give Your Team The Freedom To Do The Work They Think Matters Most"  Harvard Business Review

Bezos On Leadership: "Three Good Decisions A Day" And More  Wall Street Journal


A Simple Example Of How Modeling A Behavior Leads To Imitation  Austin Kleon
"[My 5-year-old] sees me cutting things up and glueing them into my diary every morning, and he always wants to look at my notebook, so one day I (as casually as possible) asked him if he'd like his own special notebook to keep a diary in. That's how he got started."

iNACOL's State Policy Guide For Moving To Competency Teaching  iNACOL

Tips For Crafting Good Essential Questions  ASCD


How To Teach Children To Read (And Why It Isn't Always Taught Right)  APM Reports
"There are thousands of studies... This is the most studied aspect of human learning."


Instagram Creates A Parents Guide [direct link EdWeek

Common Sense Media Poll: Teens Would Rather Text Than Talk In Person  Quartz


Moore's Law Ended 10 Years Ago. What Now?  Steve Blank

Quaternions: Numbers In A 4th Dimension  Quanta


Can A Country Build An Entirely New Capital? Egypt Is Planning It.  Independent
"The new administrative capital, or NAC (so new it doesn't even have a proper name), is mooted to be the biggest planned city ever, aiming to house 6.5million people and covering a 270 square mile footprint the Nile River and the Suez Canal, east of Cairo."

What Are Personality Tests, Really?  New Yorker

"The Arc Of Progressivism In Schools (Part 1)"  Larry Cuban

"The Arc Of Progressivism In Schools (Part 2)"  Larry Cuban