December 23 - December 30, 2018

A good, concise issue as you gear back up -- Happy New Year!

On people over algorithms: A month or so ago, I read that while Google and other news sources use algorithms to surface news articles, Apple News has a team of people (real people!) choosing which articles are worth highlighting in Apple News.  This is countercultural (and more expensive) these days, but does speak to the fallibility of machines in digesting the complexity of humanity.  The tech article on human impact in a time of algorithms reports on a similar process, but on one closer to what we face as educators.  The story is about Patreon, a crowdsourced site for people to support artists.  Patreon is currently policing hate speech on the site with a team of people, and the scrutiny they receive as they address the complexity of hate speech and free speech is reminiscent of the challenges we have faced in schools, especially over the past few years.

Also, the past year has seen a growing number of articles about the benefits of exercise for adults.  Maybe I'm just noticing them more because of my own stage in life (!) -- but I primarily include these as prompts for thinking about the role of athletics in schools, and how schools play a role in building habits that set students up for a long, healthy future.

Enjoy these and more.  Happy 2019!



A Striking Short Film About How Inclusion Works  Respectability
"All kids want to play. Kids with disabilities are no different. “Ian” is a short, animated film inspired by the real-life Ian, a boy with a disability determined to get to the playground despite his playmates bullying him. This film sets out to show that children with disabilities can and should be included... “Ian” premiered at Cannes in May 2018."

A Synthesis: 10 Lessons From Learning Science Research  Digital Promise
"Digital Promise and the Institute for Applied Neuroscience have teamed up to synthesize findings from the growing field of learning sciences research into 10 key insights about how people learn, along with suggestions for how to apply this information to classroom practice."


"Hearts Get 'Younger,' Even At Middle Age, With Exercise"  NPR

We're Only Just Beginning To Understand *Why* Exercise Is Good For You  New York Times


"Honesty Shops" -- Can You Teach Students To Be Honest?  NPR
"Schools have, for some years, been experimenting with honesty shops in a part of India where theft was so commonplace in the past that the people who lived in this community were called kallars — a Tamil word that means 'thief.'"

"Hopepunk": Media's Weaponized Optimism Against Dark Times  Vox
"Hopepunk says that kindness and softness doesn’t equal weakness."

More On The Power Of Gratitude Journals  NPR


On The Centenary Of Gerard Manley Hopkins' Poems  Poetry Foundation

"The strangeness of Hopkins’s formal innovations, slipping off the bonds of iambic convention, and of his fragile and febrile sensibility, came not piecemeal but all at once, fully developed, in the posthumous 1918 edition of the poems."


"12 Maxims For Hiring And Sustaining Teachers"  Independent Curriculum Group


2019 K12 Conference Schedule  EdSurge


"The Keys To Content-Area Writing: Short, Frequent, And Shared"  ASCD


ISTE Creates Multidisciplinary Computational Thinking Competencies  EdScoop


"How Does Your State Make Electricity?"  New York Times


On Returning To Human Influence In A Time Of Algorithms (Via Censorship)  New York Times

"Patreon takes a highly personal approach to policing speech. While Google and Facebook use algorithms as a first line of defense for questionable content, Patreon has human moderators. They give warnings and reach out to talk to offenders, presenting options for “education” and “reform.” Some activists hope this will become a model for a better and kinder internet."


A Deep Dive Into How Daily Work Schedules Influence Productivity  New York Times

"Managers who give it a try often find that employees' morale, engagement and productivity all go up, because they are working at a time that works best for them, and able to get the most work done."


50 Pieces Of Good News From 2018, Illustrated  Bored Panda