March 17 - March 24, 2019

A good week!  In addition to the feature article about the effect of drawing on learning, this week's issue includes a number of articles that might inform efforts to make the classroom more creative.

See also this week's selections on: how we ask questions,  the pedagogical benefits of students teaching students, and the relative importance of being an instructional leader versus being an effective manager.




Drawing Helps Students Process And Retain Learning  Edutopia
"The benefits of drawing were not dependent on the students’ level of artistic talent, suggesting that this strategy may work for all students, not just ones who are able to draw well. Across a total of eight experiments, the researchers confirmed drawing to be a “reliable, replicable means of boosting performance”—it provided a significant boost to students’ ability to remember what they were learning."


A Surprisingly Meditative Interview With Dan Smith, Famous NYC Guitar Teacher  Gothamist
"The first thing you will learn when meeting Dan Smith is that while he definitely has a sense of humor about his public persona, he is very sincere and very serious about what he does—especially about how learning to play guitar can teach you how to live."

Nicholas Christakis On The Optimism Embedded In Collaboration  New York Times
"His reasoning, oversimplified, is this: Complex societies are possible and durable only when people are emotionally invested in, and help, one another; we’d be living in smaller units and more solitary fashions if we weren’t equipped for such collaboration; and human thriving within these societies guarantees future generations suited to them."

On Self-Sufficiency: “How Not To Be A Snowplow Parent”  New York Times


Every Product Google Stopped Producing: On Letting Projects Go  Fast Company

The iPhone Prototype Shows Just How Important Creative Process Is  The Verge


A Growing List Of Small New England Colleges That Are Closing  Inside Higher Ed


Chaucer, The European Poet  Aeon

Museums Reconsider Dioramas And Other Exhibits No Longer Culturally OK  New York Times


Against Computer Code As A Foreign Language  New York Times


Should Principals Be Instructional Leaders Or Managers First?  Larry Cuban


"Four Design Parameters For Rethinking Professional Learning”  Global Online Academy


The Way We Ask Questions Matters (Via Research Polls)  WBUR


Teaching Others Teaches The Self (via Remedial Reading)  NPR


“U.S. Mathematician Becomes First Woman To Win Abel Prize, 'Math's Nobel’"  NPR


Screen Time: An App That Shuts Down Other Apps After Prescribed Times  Austin Kleon

“Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Is Free On Google Earth  Eurogamer