June 2 - June 9, 2019

Some excellent work with Content and Skills these past few weeks, especially Larry Cuban's feature article in which he recaps an argument long made by E. D. Hirsch. 

Also, some good leadership advice, excellent suggestions for pedagogy, and more.




Core Knowledge: On The Role Of Knowledge In Learning  Larry Cuban
"We need to see the reading comprehension problem for what it primarily is -- a knowledge problem. There is no way around the need for children to gain broad general knowledge in order to gain broad general proficiency in reading."



“Lack of Sleep May Increase… Teens Engaging In Risky Behaviors”  RAND

"A Financial Checklist For Your Newly Minted High School Graduate”  New York Times


Be Right More Often By Seeking Inform To Challenge Your Own Beliefs  Business Insider


Ideas Are Not Inside You; They Are Outside You, Trying To Get In  Austin Kleon


Colleges Decide To Share Curriculum With Each Other.  For Free.  Inside Higher Ed

“Why The Arts Are The Great Underappreciated Engine Of The U.S. Economy”  Forbes

On The Benefits Of Play, And Its Appearance In Nature  Nautilus


10 Traits Of The Best Managers (From A Google Study)  Inc.


Critical Pedagogy: Being Aware Of How One Is Taught  EdSurge
"We have a conversation in class, and then we have a Twitter chat, and then we have a conversation about what's possible in a Twitter chat versus what's possible in a classroom."

Should Students Be Able To See And Discuss A Test Before Taking It?  Edutopia

7 Course Design Principles To Drive Completion Of Online Learning  EdSurge

"3 Ways Educators Can Dig Deeper In Lessons On Historical Conflicts”  Education Dive


Summer Reading Books For Scientists  Science


The Most Effective Individual Steps To Avoid Climate Change [Infographic]  Phys


“The Power of Evening Routines”  Harvard GSE

National Spelling Bee Has 8 — Count Them 8 — Co-Champions  New York TImes