August 11 - August 18, 2019

Another extraordinary week as preparations for the school year begin.

A series of excellent essays this week (linguistics, safety, higher ed), an extraordinary project by the New York Times (included in feature and diversity/inclusion), some illuminating research (in pedagogy), and more.

Happy reading in these closing weeks of summer!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


1619 Project: The Origins And Legacy Of Slavery In The US  New York Times
"The 1619 Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are."

A Brilliant, Wide-Ranging Essay On Linguistic Change, Slang, History & More  Guardian
"Linguistic decline is the cultural equivalent of the boy who cried wolf, except the wolf never turns up. Perhaps this is why, even though the idea that language is going to the dogs is widespread, nothing much has been done to mitigate it: it’s a powerful intuition, but the evidence of its effects has simply never materialised. That is because it is unscientific nonsense."

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Test-Optional Admission Policies Continue To Grow  Eduction Dive


Teens Get News From YouTube, But Are Skeptical Of It  USA Today

For Teens, Summer Means More Schooling Than It Used To  Pew Research

“Teen Voting [In The US] His ‘Historic’ High in 2018 Midterms”  EdWeek


“All-Girls School Becomes 1st In US With Varsity E-Sports”  AP News


“What Makes People Charismatic, And How You Can Be, Too”  New York Times


"Impulsive Behavior Linked To Sleep And Screen Time”  Neuroscience News

On Factors That Influence Development In Different Life Phases  THE Journal

Positive Messaging For Middle Schoolers Improves Engagement  Education Dive


“What Have Districts Learned [From] Cultural Responsive Curricula?”  Education Dive


16 Consequential Moments In African-American History. Told In Literature.  New York Times


A Biting Essay On The Decline Of Higher Ed Employment Opportunities  Chronicle Review

“Advice To My College Freshman” (Humor, Sort Of)  New York Times


US Library Of Congress Digitizes Only Arabic Slave Narrative From US  Smithsonian


“Internet Slang Makes People Better Writers”  Atlantic

"The only languages that stay unchanging are the dead ones."

Facts And Figures About Emojis  Quartz


“Teachers Turn To Peers [And The Internet] For Guidance On Instruction”  Education Dive


“The Importance Of The First Two Weeks”  Thomas Guskey

On The Misuse Of Bloom’s Taxonomy, And The Importance Of Knowing Things  Medium

On The Risks Of Cold-Calling, And How To Create Safe Discussions  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Uh-Oh. Flipped Classroom: Short Term Gains, But Widened Racial Achievement Gap  MIT

Tips For Parents Of Middle School Kids  KQED

“A Few Strategies To Help Slow-Working Students”  Cult of Pedagogy


“Evidence Increases For Reading On Paper Instead Of Screens”  Hechinger Report

“In Praise Of Pretty Books”  Washington Post


Essay: 16 Year Old Locked Out Of Classroom During Lock Down Drill.   AJC


UPS Has Been Using Self-Driving Trucks For Months  Gizmodo

“A Great Example Of Relative Speed And Movement Of Projectiles”  Twitter

Stephen Wolfram’s 90 Minute Podcast History Of Mathematics  SoundCloud

“A New Clue To How Life Originated”  Atlantic

“Boston Saved $5M By Routing School Buses With An Algorithm”  CityLab


Google Creates “Originality Reports” - Competing With TurnItIn  EdSurge
"Students and instructors can run originality reports to check any written assignments done in Google Doc against the hundreds of billions of web pages, and tens of millions of books, that Google has indexed over the years. It will flag any text that appears to be improperly lifted or referenced without citation."

“The Most Persistent Troublemaker In… Classroom? The Cellphone”  WGBH

On Powerpoint Versus Slide-Less Presentations  Inc.

Nudge: How One School Uses Texts Over Summer To Prevent Summer Slide  The 74 Million

How The CEO Of YouTube Manages Her Kids’ Screen Time  Business Insider


A Mapping History Of The World  Visual Cpitalist


On The Value Of Checklists  Quartz

An Excellent List Of Resources For Rethinking Time In Your School  Global Online Academy


“Thinking Realistically About Disaster Risk”  Behavioral Scientist

A History Of The Wiffle Ball  Smithsonian