August 18 - August 25, 2019

A good week!

School is either starting or warming up around the world.  Here is a good selection for thinking about the beginning of the year.

The feature article on the first day of class offers an excellent breakdown of what to think about -- at all ages.  It includes principles of design, sample structures for the first day, and more.  And see further down  for a number of other considers, practical and theoretical, as we all warm up, including ways to start a discussion when everyone is quiet, considerations when finding primary sources, some notes on the experiences and perspectives of adolescents today, and more.


Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


What To Do On The First Day Of Class: A Deep And Thorough Exploration  Chronicle of Higher Ed
"I’ll start, as we academics so love to do, with a little bit of theory — specifically, four core principles that can help shape your planning for the first day of your course. Next, I’ll cover the logistics of a successful first day, including managing the space and technology as well as getting to know your students. To show you how to put the principles and the logistics into practice, I will provide examples of what a good set of first-day activities might look like in four disciplines. I’ll finish with some suggestions for how to support the good work you have done on the first day with some follow-up activities."

Advice On Deliberate Practice, From A Performance Pianist  Cal Newport
"Avoid Flow. Do What Does Not Come Easy. “The mistake most weak pianists make is playing, not practicing. If you walk into a music hall at a local university, you’ll hear people ‘playing’ by running through their pieces. This is a huge mistake. Strong pianists drill the most difficult parts of their music, rarely, if ever playing through their pieces in entirety."


Google Adds More College Information To Search Function  TechCrunch


Class Of 2023 Mindset List: On Being Born In 2001  Marist


On The Science Of Learning Student Names Quickly  Citizen Times

On The Foundational Role Of Emotion In Cognition  Aeon


“How to Turn a Creative Spark Into Something Real”  99u


Top 100 Free Online Courses (From 60,000 Learner Reviews)  Class Central


Umberto Eco: On How We Interpret Signs And Symbols  Times Literary Supplement

“How Do We Teach With Primary Sources When So Many Voices Are Missing?”  EdWeek

"Gathering in small groups around folding tables laden with 250-year-old maps, pamphlets, and images, the teachers thought aloud about what the documents could tell their students—and what questions the pages couldn’t answer."


A Model Of The Components For Deeply Changing Your School  EdSurge

On How Unconscious Mindsets Inhibit Collective Change  McKinsey


When The Class Is Silent: 6 Ways To Start A Discussion  Cult of Pedagogy


“What It's Like To Be A Chemist” - Interviews  Stanford


“Personalized Messaging Is Key To Scaling Nudges”  Education Dive


On The Need For Free Play For Children  New York Times