July 28 - August 4, 2019

Some excellent pairings this week:

The second feature article this week -- about a middle school writing intervention -- has notable resonance with previously recorded interventions for marginalized students in high school.  The lesson to be taken away, I think, is that learning about others who have had the same challenges as you, and writing a reflection about the experience of learning about others like this, makes for a strong sense of personal identity and agency.  This is excellent.

The Early Childhood section in this week's article include two pieces by New Zealand nonprofit The Education Hub.  Their recent focus on early childhood education yields here a number of concisely drawn up syntheses of research regarding what works for young children.

Many other excellent articles this week.  Happy reading!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


"Direct Instruction Is Still Necessary..."  John Spencer
"I tend to brace against the idea of lecturing. It conjures up images of a crowded hall and a professor droning on and on while we sit in the audience feverishly taking notes. But lectures aren’t inherently bad. After all, I love a good podcast or TED Talk. I regularly deliver keynotes for conferences, school districts, and universities. Great direct instruction is often an act of storytelling. It’s exciting and fun."

How A Short Writing Intervention Helped Middle School Kids Thrive  Time
"As in a prior study of Wisconsin 6th graders, the 7th graders who participated in the writing exercise had fewer failing grades and better overall GPAs at the end of the school year than their peers who had not participated. The researchers found no changes in attendance or discipline, but did find that students who had participated in the writing test valued “doing well in school” more at the end of the year than their peers."


Survey: 14% Of Teens Participate In Sexting  HealthDay


Wellesley Professor Tweets His Story Of Going Gradeless  Twitter

A Reflection On The ACT, SAT, The Value Of Standardized Tests, And Inclusion  EdSurge


A Fortnite World Cup... At Arthur Ashe Stadium... And A $3M Winner  New York Times


"In Praise Of The Incurably Curious Leader"  MIT Sloan Mgmt Review


5 Principles For Optimal Early Childhood Development  Education Hub

3 Essential Activities In Early Childhood Curricula  Education Hub


"Parents Are Giving Up Custody Of Their Kids To Get... Financial Aid"  ProPublica


Jill Lepore On Herman Melville's Writing Habits  New Yorker

How The NYT Wrote About Herman Melville Over The Years   New York Times


"What Teachers Want You To Know: A Note To School Administrators"  Cult of Pedagogy


Formal Vs. informal Learning: A Comparison  LearnUpon
"Formal and informal learning are two opposing learning styles. One is pragmatic and organized. The other, casual and unstructured. We’ve written about the merits and methods of both in the past, but today, we’re doing an ultimate comparison."


Participation In AP CompSci Principles Doubled In Three Years  College Board


On The Arrival Of Computers, And The "Dying Art Of Instruction"  New York Review of Books
"The advantages are clear enough. But it’s also clear that this is the end of a culture in which learning was a collective social experience implying a certain positive hierarchy that invited both teacher and student to grow into the new relationship that every class occasions, the special dynamic that forms with each new group of students."


"To Be Happier At Work, Invest More In Your Relationships"  Harvard Business Review


"Gerry, A Font Based On Gerrymandered Congressional Districts"  Flowing Data


"Libraries Can Have 3-D Printers, But They Are Still About Books"  The Conversation

How European Nations Combat Misinformation  Brookings