September 22 - September 29, 2019

A good, short week:

The article under Pedagogy on five "awarenesses" that great teachers demonstrate is mostly about the (non-correlating) relationship between charismatic personality and good pedagogy, but the real usable gem in the article is the prompt for us to think not only about our students, but also ourselves, our context, and more. 

The feature articles this week also touch on important issues: one debunks the idea that STEM classes are the only path to long term gainful employment, and the other is an excellent look by Jo Baoler from Stanford University at how collaboration builds character resilience in students.

Enjoy these and others!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


Debunking The Idea That STEM Majors Earn More In The Long Run New York Times
“Men majoring in computer science or engineering roughly doubled their starting salaries by age 40, to an average of $124,458. Yet earnings growth is even faster in other majors, and some catch up completely. By age 40, the average salary of all male college graduates was $111,870, and social science and history majors earned $131,154 — an average that is lifted, in part, by high-paying jobs in management, business and law.”

How Collaboration Leads To Persistence In Students KQED
“In the workshops students worked on math problems together, considering together what it would take to achieve at the highest levels on different problems. The academic improvement that resulted from the workshops was significant. Within two years, the failure rate of African American students had dropped to zero, and the African American and Latino students who attended the workshops were outperforming their white and Asian classmates.”


A Short History Of Vaping’s Antecedents In Smoking, Plus Tips For Teaching Kids Edutopia


Overtraining Leads To Reduced Decision-Making Capacity In Athletes NPR


Should Career Exploration Be More A Part Of K-12 Education? Getting Smart


Great Teachers Are Aware of These Five Things EdWeek
“Rodriguez and her team include five distinct “awarenesses” in their framework: Awareness of the self as a teacher, awareness of the teaching process, awareness of the learner, awareness of interaction, and awareness of context. Each is a continuum, and teachers develop them at varying rates.”


On How To Make A Point: Composition Teacher Reviews The Whistle-Blower New York Times

How A Librarian Helped A Student Secretly Become A Reader [Video] StoryCorps


Greta Thunberg Rallies The World Again With “How Dare You?!” YouTube Guardian
“How dare you?  You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words… Entire ecosystems are collapsing, we are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.  How dare you?”


A Good Collection Of Mixed-Grade Resources About Deepfakes And Misinformation Programming Librarian 


How One School Managed AP Courses In A Block Schedule Kappan


On Patreon, Jack Conte, And Surviving In Creative And Tech Work Wired

More On The Strange And Fascinating Idea Of Plant Intelligence The Paris Review

An Interactive Map Of Educational Performance In The US Education Opportunity Project