September 8 - September 15, 2019

Sometimes articles come in pairs: This week's issue yields pairs of articles on several topics: the role of content in learning, preschool curriculum, and lesson planning tips.

These and many others are available for your perusal, as well as a feature article that offers an overview of eSports, a growing industry that we increasingly should know about, and another feature article that offers an approach to understanding what needs to be done in order to prompt change in organizations.


Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


Still Trying To Figure Out What “ESports” Are? Here’s A Simple History Quartz
"In 2018, 141 US colleges and universities offered varsity esports programs, 75 more than in 2017."

A Checklist of Conditions For Successfully Implementing Change
 Knowledge Works
"Vision.... Culture.... Transparency... System-wide alignment"


To Teach Critical Thinking Skills, Teach More Content Hechinger Report

Reading Comprehension And Skill Depends on Content Knowledge EurekAlert
“The findings underscore the importance of having reached a basic knowledge level to be able to read and comprehend texts across different subjects.”


Can Online Preschool Be Helpful For Some Families? Hechinger Report

Activities To Help Preschoolers Learn Numbers And Math THE Conversation


“Does Gatsby Still Matter?” NAIS


SNHU Relentlessly Challenges The Status Quo Inside Higher Education
"Creating an institution around the idea of constant and continuous reinvention is a challenging concept for most academics (such as myself) to get our heads around… Actually living in an environment where ideas around innovation are rapidly translated into action feels - well - a bit risky.”


Sociologists Speak Out Against Student Evals Inside Higher Education


“3 Ways To Boost Students’ Conceptual Thinking” Edutopia

A Strengths-Based Approach To Teaching Languages SmartBrief

A Theoretical Breakdown Of Lesson Design Via backwards Planning eLiterate


Reading Before Bed Correlates with Happiness, Wealth, and Health  Real Simple

"Whether they crack open a book three times a month or every night without fail, all respondents said doing so promotes relaxation, reduces stress, induces sleep, centers the mind, and improves sleep quality.”


Deep Look At Collaboration And Isolation Routines MIT Sloan Management


OECD Releases Education At A Glance, 2019 Inside Higher Education

Recommended Questions For Parents To Ask Teachers Medium

"I suggested ten questions that parents should ask if they want to get a real sense of what’s happening in their child’s school this year.”