November 10 - November 17, 2019

Much to ponder this week:

iNACOL's rebranding as the Aurora Institute is another indicator of the education technology sector's (or at least the online learning sector's) recognition that while tech tools can be a powerful component of learning, it is only a part of a holistic education. The announcement is an interesting study in humility.

Also, you've read here before that I believe the best professional development is teachers talking with teachers about teaching.  This week's feature article seems a good proof point.  A good read.

Many other provocative posts this week, including explorations into Thanksgiving, economics, Urban Dictionary, student surveys, and more.


Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


Teachers Should Have More Peer Observations Than Formal Evaluations Harvard Graduate School of Education
“The study found that low-stakes peer evaluations resulted in improvements in teacher job performance, as measured by test scores. The study found improvements for both the observed teacher and the teacher doing the observation.”

More Suggestions For Nurturing A Love Of Reading In Kids  KQED
“She recommends starting a reading routine with infants, even though it may seem like they aren’t getting much out of books at that age… And there’s no reason this protected time has to stop as children grow older.”



How To Have More Caring Conversations About College Admissions Harvard Graduate School of Education


Teenager Gets Double Lung Transplant From Vaping Injuries New York Times


Exercise Sharpens Memory And Wards Of Dementia New York Times


Business Analysis Focuses On Three Traits For Business Success Business Insider


“Sleep Is Literally A Deep Clean For Your Brain” Inc.


On Implementing And Measuring A “Happiness Curriculum” In Delhi Brookings


“The Thanksgiving Play” - A Native American Comedy About Cultural Sensitivity LA Times

More On Thinking About Grit And Resilience In An Equity Context Boston Globe


“Against Economics” New York Review of Books


“How Linguists Are Using Urban Dictionary” JStor


Text Mining Analysis Of Student Evaluations From RateMyProfessors The Chronicle of Higher Education

Tips For Leading Teacher Learning/PD Sessions Harvard Graduate School of Education


CompetencyWorks Updates Definition Of Competency-Based Education iNACOL

“Student Voice: Building things made my education feel relevant” The Hechinger Report

On Setting Goals And Intentions Together With Students Edutopia


"Experts Worry Active Shooter Drills… Could Be Traumatic For Students” NPR
“We don't light a fire in the hallway to practice fire drills. When we're teaching stranger danger, we don't put a child on a street corner and have someone grab them and scare them. We are able to teach these things through ways where we talk them through it and then we walk them through it and they respond accordingly.”


“Instagram Will Begin Hiding Total Like Counts For [Some] Users” Social Media Today
“Instagram's hidden like counts test has sparked much debate in the social media industry, with some seeing it as a major win for platform health, and others questioning the impacts it will have on engagement, influencer marketing, etc.”

Facebook: Philosophically Designed To Bring People Together, Economically Designed To Drive Them Apart Brookings
“To become “We” requires a suspension of human nature’s tribal instincts in favor of a shared future. Such a belief is predicated in part on shared information… Coming together in an environment of shared information—an information commons—is a key component of moving from tribes to the larger Unum. When the algorithms of social media follow the money, they discourage the search for Unum and undermine the communal “We.” By delivering different information to each tribe—in secret—the algorithms keep users online for as long as possible, maximizing ad sales. In doing so, they gnaw away at the heart of “We the people.””


“A.I. That Designs A.I.” Machine Learning Goes Adaptive. Quanta

“How To Print ‘Hello, World’ In Top 12… Programming Languages” Towards Data Science


“iNACOL Has Become The Aurora Institute” iNACOL
“Our initial focus centered around the role of online learning to expand access to courses and teachers… Over the past decade, however, our work led us to go deeper and deeper to investigate the root causes of the challenges that beset our education system… Next-generation learning, by definition, includes all delivery methods for learning.”

Apple Watches Identify Atrial Fibrillation With 84% Accuracy Time

How Technology Has Changed Comic Book Art New York Times

3D Printing: A House Inc.


“Emerging Trends In K-12 Education” - A Study By Google Google
“This report is part of a series on the evolution of K-12 education, mapping out current and emerging trends in classroom education.”

Advice On Putting Together A Resume Inc.

“The Most Popular Wikipedia Pages, 2007-2019” Visual Capitalist

On Repairing Harm: An Element Of Restorative Justice Cult of Pedagogy