November 24 - December 1, 2019

A good week this week.

Thanksgiving meals may or may not have had divergent perspectives at the dinner table, but if they did, and you want to patch things up, you might explore the feature article on fighting polarization.

Also this week, fascinating pieces on modern origami, on prime numbers, on hate speech in social media, and on happiness and kindness.

Enjoy these and others!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


How To Fight Polarization Behavioral Scientist
“When people discover that they don’t know as much as they thought they did, something interesting happens: their political attitudes become less extreme.”

“How School Leaders Create The Conditions For Effective Coaching” ASCD
“At the same time, a coaching culture is wasted unless leaders design and implement positive conditions for coaching. We focus on ways school leaders can establish the four conditions that help coaches transform leading, teaching, and schooling:     A strong model of high-quality instruction. A strong model of coaching. A strong model to build capacity for coaching. A strong system of logistics.”


Vaping Crisis Deep Dive: Should We Aim To Reduce Harm or Preach Abstinence? Freakonomics


How Egypt Came To Dominate Squash New York Times
“Egypt has about 400 courts and fewer than 10,000 players, say players and coaches. But the finest Egyptian players are bunched in about 10 clubs in two cities, Cairo and Alexandria, which are about a three-hour drive apart.”


A Brief History Of Happiness Aeon

On The New Mr. Rogers Movie, And Openness To Kindness BuzzFeed


“3 Studies Argue Against Fidget Spinners In The Classroom” Hechinger Report
“A German study published in January 2019 found that both fidget spinners and doodling impaired memory. But stress balls didn’t negatively affect memory. Still, they didn’t help.”


The Generalist: What Shapes A Polymath, And Why We Need More BBC


Sasha Baron Cohen Delivers Riveting Condemnation Of Hatred And Lies On Social Media YouTube


Rebecca Goldstein: Why Study Philosophy? Atlantic

Who Actually Transcribed The Epic Of Gilgamesh? Literary Hub


Moving Through Material Faster Does Not Correlate With Better Learning Harvard GSE


The Best Violence Solution Is Prevention, Long Before It Happens NPR
“In the bystander report, students who came forward told investigators they did so because they had a strong relationship with at least one adult at the school and they thought their concerns would be taken seriously. Students who did not come forward said that they thought the school would not take appropriate steps or they would get in trouble themselves.”


Prime Climb: A Board Game For Prime Numbers Medium


A Beautiful Examination Of Modern Origami New York Times
“The goal is to arrive at the most efficient and elegant means of achieving a particular effect. “I want the result to be complex, but I want to simplify the process it takes to get there,” Dr. Ku said. “It reminds me of the quote in ‘Amadeus’: ‘There are simply too many notes.’”