January 5 - January 12, 2020

And the New Year is off and running...!

A number of fascinating reads this week, including three articles about workspaces that offer some oblique insights into what contributes to learning:  What is the role of air quality in learning, of physical movement, and of the way we collaborate and isolate ourselves when we work?  What do these mean for our students?

Also, several good articles about character, including the feature article on how adults in schools can help prevent bullying.

Enjoy these and others!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


Sleep Helps Learning.  Even More: Consistent Sleep Helps Learning  Science News for Students
“Sleep length, quality and consistency together accounted for 24.4 percent of the difference among the students’ test grades. And these factors appeared especially important for boys. Grossman’s team is not sure why. But boys who didn’t get enough sleep or regular sleep were likely to do worse on an exam than were girls who had similar sleep patterns.”

7 Steps Adults Can Take To Discourage Bullying SmartBrief
“Parents and educational staff need different tactics to address -- and end -- bullying. Many of the suggestions that are provided here are what clinicians encourage clients toward during the course of therapy. While therapeutic intervention often only involves a single person, or a handful of individuals, the school environment provides the opportunity to affect positive change on a broad scale.”



What Is The Role Of Competition In Raising Healthy Children? New York Times

Four New Books On Kindness New York Times


The Zora Canon: 100 Best Books By African American Women Medium

Can A Computer Write Poetry? The Question Is Getting Less Hypothetical New Yorker

Information On “State Sponsored Disinformation In The Digital Age” US State Department


Lengthy Exploration Of The Geometry Of Islamic Art Medium

Reflections On The Joy Of Mathematics Harvard Magazine

Has Human Body Temperature Been Falling Over The Last Century?  Popular Mechanics


You Can Use AirPods As Makeshift Hearing Aids Comando
“If you have ever had difficulty hearing someone during a conversation, AirPods can be your on-demand hearing aid. Apple introduced a feature, starting with iOS 12, called Live Listen. Once set up, you can place your iPhone closer to the person you want to hear, and the AirPods will produce clearer audio for you.”

A Deep Dive Into Google Translate Quartz

Can Fewer 1st Person Shooter Video Games Mean More Girls In eSports? 74 Million


Can Installing Air Filters Significantly Improve Student Performance?  Vox
“The impact of the air filters is strikingly large given what a simple change we’re talking about. The school district didn’t reengineer the school buildings or make dramatic education reforms; they just installed $700 commercially available filters that you could plug into any room in the country. But it’s consistent with a growing literature on the cognitive impact of air pollution, which finds that everyone from chess players to baseball umpires to workers in a pear-packing factory suffer deteriorations in performance when the air is more polluted.”

Treadmill Desks, Personal Workplace Analytics: Stephen Wolfram Reports Fast Company

From Open Offices To “Deep-Work Chambers” Wall Street Journal


Tom Hanks’ Golden Globe Speech, And What Leads To Success Inc.

The Architecture In Antarctica Is Extraordinary New York Times