January 26 - February 2, 2020

A stimulating week as ever:

This week's feature section is dedicated to coronavirus resources.  Information is the best tool, and you can find here everything you need to know to make sound decisions: from up-to-date data on cases worldwide, to information on how the virus spreads, World Health Organization infographics for protecting yourself and others, and additional reference material.  It's notable that, based on evidence from cases so far, children are much less at risk that those over 50.

And school continues, of course.  Find many other compelling posts this week, including a return to the idea of threshold concepts (which seem a critical component of any curriculum development project), some remarkable STEM developments, and an experimental school that starts at 3pm and finishes at 8pm.

Lots to think about it -- enjoy!

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


Hourly-Updated, Interactive Dashboard On Coronavirus Cases Worldwide  Johns Hopkins

Six Factors Determining Whether/How The Coronavirus Spreads  New York Times

Infographics For How To Protect Yourself And Others From Getting Sick  WHO

Reference: World Health Organization - Coronavirus  WHO

Reference: Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Coronavirus  CDC

“Coronaviruses Hit Seniors The Hardest” Quartz

A List Of Other Resources On The Coronavirus  NAIS


Teenagers Have A Narrow View Of The Jobs They Might Pursue Education Research Report


High School GPA 5 Times More Likely To Predict College Success Than ACT  Education Dive


Fortnite, And The Construction Of The High School eSports Ecosystem Medium


“ABC List Of Science Of Learning Concepts” Twitter

Generating Questions Is As Effective As Retrieval Practice  Wiley Online


Threshold Concepts: The Core Learning That Leads To Growth Global Online Academy
“Threshold concepts have five essential traits: 1) they transform the learner’s perception of the field, 2) that transformation is permanent, 3) they are integrative in that the learner perceives interrelated ideas in the same way experts in the field might, 4) they are bounded in that mastery allows the learner to move on to other threshold concepts, and 5) they are “troublesome” for learners. Meyer and Land cite a few examples of threshold concepts in their research: opportunity cost in economics, limits in mathematics, and signification in the humanities.”


Steve Blank Reflects On Clayton Christensen’s Passing Steve Blank
“Everyone who writes about innovation stood on his shoulders.”

“Adam Grant: How ‘Givers’ Can Help Your School” YouTube/NAIS
“Givers make up the majority of the worst performers, but also the majority of the best performers.”


Results From A Large Teacher Coaching Survey Digital Promise
“In the report that follows, we share findings on coach workload, the coach-teacher relationship, the use of technology in coaching, professional support for coaches, and funding for coaches.”


In Praise Of Praise CNN
“The higher the ratio between the two -- the more a teacher praised and the less they scolded -- the better kids stayed focused on their lessons.”


New Laser Ultrasound: Sees Inside the Body From Half A Meter Away MIT
“The researchers scanned the forearms of several volunteers and observed common tissue features such as muscle, fat, and bone, down to about 6 centimeters below the skin. These images, comparable to conventional ultrasound, were produced using remote lasers focused on a volunteer from half a meter away.”

What The Warehouse Robot Workforce Is Starting To Look Like  New York Times


Can A.I. Ed-Tech Save Teachers 13 Hours Per Week?  Mmm… Hechinger Report
“That’s what schools need: more technology to protect them from the harm that the technology they’ve already bought is causing.”


A High School With Hours From 3pm to 8pm In Lansing, Michigan KQED
“Halstead coordinates an experimental program called Eastern Flex Academy, where a handful of students attend school from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. They start off with English and math classes, break for dinner and then finish their remaining courses online.”

“Zappos Has Quietly Backed Away From Holacracy” Quartz