March 1 - March 8, 2020

A fruitful week, and not only with COVID-19 resources.

For all things coronavirus, check out the first section after the featured articles... and then remember that much more is also happening in the world.  See an excellent list for how to rethink grading, or a helpful post on how sleep helps students cope with stress and discrimination, or a post about a new book that examines the value of a Renaissance education and what we might learn from it.

All these and more, enjoy!

(And of course see the resources to help with preparations for the growing international crisis...)

All the best in this unusual time,

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


What Is The Effect Of Bringing Low Income Kids Of Color To Selective Private Schools? New Yorker
“We are all embedded within systems, but each life—each child—is an unrepeatable anecdote. According to the adults I knew when I was a kid, the worst thing in the world was to be a “statistic,” subsumed into a mass of low expectations and bad outcomes determined by color and class and sustained by a bureaucracy that was, at best, inept and, at worst, intractably racist. Education, then, was triage; escape was a higher-order concern than reform. Parents murmured about how So-and-So had got her daughter into Such-and-Such school, and had spirited the kid away from a school system whose failures symbolized—and, in many ways, flowed out of—a larger set of brutal social facts.”

“Study: Boosting Soft Skills Is Better Than Raising Test Scores” Hechinger Report
“The researchers compared siblings who attended different high schools, and the ones who attended schools that were better at boosting soft skills had better outcomes.”



CDC Guidelines For K-12 School Administrators CDC

Four Principles To Think About When Transitioning from In Person To Online Global Online Academy

A Free, Five-Day Pop-Up Course On Designing For Online Learning Global Online Academy

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A Reading List For Reimagining Grading Jesse Stommel


“When Teachers Make Room For Their Own Curiosity, They Defend It For Children” KQED


Sleep Helps Teens Cope With Stress And Discrimination EdWeek
“Teens who have a decent night's sleep are better equipped to deal with stress the next day, including seeking out support from friends and engaging in active problem solving rather than brooding.”


“How To Think Like Shakespeare: Lessons From A Renaissance Education” Chronicle of Higher Education


“Corporate Diversity: If You Don’t Measure It, It Won’t Get Done” McKinsey


Election Security: A Pop-Up Case Study For Schools Council on Foreign Relations


Ten Tips For “Firing With Compassion” Harvard Business Review

“Question Bank For Better 1:1s” Notion


In Defense Of Educational Theory John Spencer


One Person's Formula For What Makes A Great Essay Paul Graham
“I believe the formula I've given you, importance + novelty + correctness + strength, is the recipe for a good essay. But I should warn you that it's also a recipe for making people mad.”

"The Case For Reading Fiction” Harvard Business School


How Much Can Or Should Safety Compromise Privacy? Electronic Frontier Foundation


NASA Offers Video Narrative Of A 1.8 Billion Pixel Image Of Mars YouTube/NASA

Everything You Wanted To Know About: The Periodic Table Quartz


More Praise For Wikipedia As Source Of Public Truth-Telling Fast Company

3D Printing: A House (Again) Fast Company

1996 Presidential Campaign Websites Fast Company

“Whatever Happened To Interactive Whiteboards?” Larry Cuban


Horizon Report: Emerging Trends in Education and Tech (2020) Educause

On Building A No-Budget Harry Potter Escape Room In Your Library Programming Librarian