March 15 - March 22, 2020

A full week... of Covid-19 news.

Many useful (and entertaining) resources this week that I hope will help with your school's efforts.

But also find a few exceptional non-virus-related resources as well, including the terrific feature article about writing and more.


Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


“I Will Survive” - COVID-19 Version For Teachers Going Online YouTube
“And so I’m back, students are gone, as all my colleagues try to figure how they’re gonna get along. I should have kept up with the tech, not skipped that class on course design. If I’d have known for just one second I’d be teaching all-online.”

Writing Instruction And The Danger Of Helicopter Teaching ASCD
“When students haven't been required to wrestle with difficult writing decisions—and when much of that decision making has been done by the teacher—they lose their sense of agency and their confidence as writers. Bryant and Jillian have ended up frustrated because they've had years of the same kind of writing practice. Their good grades in previous classes represent acts of compliance, not decision making. Suddenly, they have their first understanding of just how unprepared they are.”


COVID-19: One University Makes Standardized Tests Optional For Admission Case Western Reserve


A High School Senior Reflects On The Loss Of Graduation Teen Vogue


COVID-19: College Board Changes AP Test Resources And Formats College Board

COVID-19: ACT Postpones Test Dates  ACT


COVID-19: Taking A Walk Is Good For Body And Mind (And Safe) New York Times

COVID-19: Exercise Options For Kids And Teens Stuck At Home KQED


On The Neural Networks That Enable Creativity Aeon


COVID-19: “Pandemics From Homer To Stephen King: What We Can Learn From Literary History” The Conversation


COVID-19: High Level Leadership/Geopolitical Thinking In Unsteady Times MIT Sloan Management Review


COVID-19: If You're Just Getting Started With Preparing For Online T&L KQED

COVID-19: Harvard’s Tips For Designing Online Classes Harvard University

COVID-19: “Panic-gogy” - Pedagogy For The Short Term KQED


"Writing To Persuade” - New Book By New York Times Op-Ed Editor Behavioral Scientist


On Pi Day, Irrational Numbers, And Deep Thinking Cal Newport

COVID-19: “Cartoons About Online Learning” Larry Cuban


COVID-19: Tips For Preventing Burnout When Teaching Online EdWeek

COVID-19: Working At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely New York Times

COVID-19: “11 Tips For Working From Home, For The Uninitiated” Vogue


COVID-19: “Effective Immediately: We Are Closing Our Homeschool” [Humor] McSweeney’s

COVID-19: Students In Japan Design A Minecraft Graduation GamesRadar