March 8 - March 15, 2020

Excellent resources this week.

Much of this week's news is, not surprisingly, about Covid-19.  Find articles on online pedagogy, tips for running a school or department remotely, resources for crisis-related policies, and more.  Even a history of the "flatten the curve" meme.

I also tried to keep two non-Covid-19 feature articles this week, because school and life are continuing, too.

Enjoy these and others this week,

Peter Nilsson
King's Academy


“Life Stress Impairs Self-Control In Early Adolescence” Frontiers In Psychology
“In three prospective, longitudinal studies, negative life events reported by the mother (in Study 1) or child (in Studies 2 and 3) predicted rank-order decreases in self-control over time.”

“How To Respond To Microaggressions” New York Times
“Should you let that comment slide, or address it head on? Is it more harm than it’s worth? We can help.”



A List Of Things To Say “No” To For A Happier Life Medium

How Mental Models Can Help You Stay Calm In Charged Situations Farnam Street

“How To Sing In Tune” New York Times


Deans For Impact Highlight Key Learning Science Areas EdWeek


COVID-19: Planning For School Shutdown, Over Three Different Timeframes One Schoolhouse

COVID-19: Policy Recommendations For Across Your School NAIS

COVID-19: 10 Strategies For Leading When School Is Online Global Online Academy


COVID-19: 5 Tips For Designing Excellent Video Calls (And Classes) Global Online Learning

COVID-19: 4 General Tips For Teaching Online Global Online Learning

COVID-19: 5 More Useful Tips For Designing Video Conference Classes EdSurge

COVID-19: “Please Do A Bad Job Of Putting Your Courses Online” Any Good Thing


COVID-19: Flipgrid: An Easy Video Sharing Tool For Classes Edutopia


COVID-19: The Story Behind The “Flatten The Curve” Graphic Fast Company

“Visualizing The History Of Pandemics” Visual Capitalist